Infusion set

My endo gave me a bunch of infusion sets. It is medtronic Quick set paradigm but i have a animas one touch. I am thinking these infusion sets can not be use on my animas pump . Right?
Thanks, Katy

Far as I know, right.

I think they can if they have a luer connector. Somebody else can explain what that is. It’s the way the set connects that needs to be the same.

I think Paradigm sets are the newer ones, and only work for MM.

I looked luer connector up to find out what it means and this is what i read but still don’t understand. This is what it said. “Other pumps have non-standard or proprietary infusion sets, which require you to purchase the company brand. The MiniMed Paradigm has a proprietary set, but you can get an adapter from the company that will then allow you to use a luer-lock.”