Trickin out my MM522

haha I love my pump!. Im making a video on Omnipod VS Minimed =p.

I was looking at this, would it fight on my mm522?

You’d have to make sure all your pumping supplies are compatible with the Luer lock system, but it seems like a pretty rad idea.

I heard that Animas is making sets to fit the paradigm… I bet you could call and ask them :slight_smile:

Happy to hear you like the MM! I am definitely happy I made the switch as well.

On another forum I am on, a poster said a local Animas Rep stopped by their support group and had new Inset 30’s compatible with the MM Paradigm pumps. Someone tried it, and it worked! You can’t see the on the website, but I am sure if you call Animas they will know about it.