MM sets with Animas reservois?

Hi All,
I have leftover minimed sets and am wondering if there is a way to use them with Animas reservoirs? I have sure- t and silhoettes so if there is someone who uses the contact detach sets who might be able to tell me if I can use the mimimed sure - t end to it.

What I'm trying to do is to be able to move my infusion site every other day. I don't need extra reservoirs but what I am hoping to do is use an animas set the first day and on the second, only swap out the needle part of the contact -detach and put a sure - t set in and have it all connect up. :)

Anyone done this before?

Every infusion set (that I've seen) connects to the reservoir via a tube with a luer lock connection at the end (the end furthest from your body/closest to the pump). However very few sets use similar methods to connect/disconnect from the infusion site (the quick-connect part that makes it easy to remove/reconnect your pump). These quick-connect parts can be opened and closed without needing to reprime but if you open and close the leur lock connection you'll have to reprime before continuing.

I'm not very familiar with the sure-t set, but if the quick connect part fits the one on the silhoettes then you're golden - just click one off and click the other on - otherwise you'd have to change out the tubing too and reprime. Either way, I see no reason not to do what you're describing. I used to do something similar myself when I was changing my reservoirs more frequently than my pump sites.

Exactly. MM sells half sets for doing what I'm describing. But I have all these lonely boxes of Sure - Ts that I would hate to go to waste. Yes, the "quick connect" part that gets taped to your skin is the part I'm talking about, not the luer lock part. Thanks and I have my fingers crossed!

According to the website, which is run by unomedical, the maker of infusion sets for everybody, contact detach is also available urnder the brand names Easy-set , Paradigm Easy-set and Paradigm Sure-T ( Tm and register trademarks removed), my guess, as my sone does not use the contach detach, but is considerig it, is that the end of the tube disconnect is the same, only the pump end of the tube is changed to fit the MM pumps. If you can "afford it", waste one to see if they fit together