Is there a good active FaceBook group for diabetics? I would like to make some diabetic friends on FB,

Are there any active diabetic FB groups? I would like to have some Facebook friends that are diabetic..

Oh it would help if I put my link up right?? lol!

Please let me know here you sent me a friends request..I am not a friends collector btw.. so not spammer. :)

I'm a reluctant Facebook user but have started to be more active, at least in lurking mode, with two FB groups.

One is a low carb high fat, Bernstein group called type1grit. There are a lot of parents of type I children as well as adults with T1D. They're pretty serious about the low carb high fat way of eating. Two thirds of their group have A1c's in the 5's. They're real big with posting scrumptious looking food pictures complete with recipes.

The other FB group I've been reading is the CGM in the Cloud group. These people are part of the "we are not waiting" movement that has home-brewed the connection of Dexcom CGM data to the cloud and then pushing that data out to remote terminals like computer tablets and Pebble watches so that they can monitor a loved one's realtime CGM data. Most of these users are parents of children T1Ds but there's also adults experimenting with this technology. The "we are not waiting" movement grew out of the frustration of waiting for the D-tech companies and the FDA to get anything done in a safe and effective, yet speedy way. I admire their pluck.

I imagine there are many diabetes FB groups, but I haven't looked. I'm still not comfortable with the whole FB environment.

Thanks Terry. Well I am type 2 so those groups don't work for me.. :( I did search for diabetic support groups a while back maybe I should look again.. I though there was a Tudiabetes group at one time many years back.. might be gone now..

Sorry, I should have looked at your profile before launching off into T1-land! There are, however, many T2Ds that have adopted the LCHF way of eating. I imagine there are many T2D active FB groups. Happy hunting.

Diabetes transformation is a group of about 300 people with a commitment to help diabetics get healthy and provide community