Is there a way to not get bored with apps?

So my largest problem right now is I’m not finding an app that combines glucose readings, insulin doses, carb counts and other things like exercise. I know this can be done in the Dexcom CGM app but I have never seen how it shows up and if it shows up in the clarity app.

Does anyone know if this happens?

When I read the just the title of your thread, I was prepared with a snappy answer… I’ll say it anyway: Get more apps!!!

If u don’t have anything constructive then stay off my post. By the way I have downloaded and paid good money for apps and none will do what I want.

I have used an app called Track-it. I believe it has the ability to do most if not all of the things you have mentioned. I used the Android version, it is most likely that there is an IPhone version also.

I have heard others mention an app called Glucosurfer. I haven’t used it but believe it will also do what you wish.

On the Dexcom G5 app, “events” such as insulin, exercise, health, or carbs show up as little squares on the trend line. Turning the phone sideways let’s you look at any of the events by swiping your finger to that point. I’d like better if the insulin and food events had distinct shapes e.g., circle and triangle, that let a user distinguish them with a glance.

MyNetDiary Diabetes is a great app for tracking all of that if you are on iOS. It has a great built-in food database and most any food that comes in a box can be scanned in with the UPC code in just a second.

get more apps,. i got over 20, on my ipad, & my phone,.

MySugar app for iphone. Like it very much.


Please visit my project and create an account there. Then download the Glucosurfer App for testing. It is free, can be used anonymously (we do not collect any personal information - not even your email address) and it supports Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

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i just saw this ! & i will download it. i love doing testing.

I like the OneTouch Reveal App, which is free.
I have been using it for two weeks now, and after 25 years I am finally giving up my paper logbooks. It was designed to sync via Bluetooth with their Verio Sync meter, but I have been using the app without using their meter. It is easy to enter BT, insulin, carbs, and exercise, and the logbook display is really good.

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I’ve been using the OneTouch Reveal App for a few months and it is a timesaver! I use the Verio Flex meter to be able to bluetooth my data into the App and online account. When I used to have to manually enter my data I would not keep up as thorough of a log. @Holger: Does the Glucosurfer App sync with certain meters?

The sync is convenient. But you will end up with a number of blood glucose values without the influencing factors. You had a high BG and made a correction: log BG and dosage. You experienced a low and treated with glucose: log BG, gram and note the cause if possible. You had excercise and some carbs: log carbs and excercise level. This is the mindset you need in my opinion.

Meters can log the BG for ages now. All this data could be read via cable or other reading tools for ages. But most doctors do not ask for your meter because the data has no value without the information about the things you did at that specific moment. Your medical team wants to see how you handled specific challenges. This way they could give you feedback about it. This is why we decided that three digits to enter for the BG are not worth the hassle with bluetooth syncing. However what you get for these three digits is: dosage calculations for gram of carbs you plan to eat and the estimated insulin on board right now. Valuable information you will not get if everything is just synced conveniently over bluetooth. I can understand your thinking but it contradicts the mindset for me.

@Holger Thank you for your reply! I agree with you that a collection of meter readings by themselves without remarks attached is useless. This is why I looked for an app that would allow for logging events surrounding a reading. My current meter just sends the readings and what time they were recorded to the app where I then add events such as duration and intensity of exercise, carb exchanges, insulin units, type of insulin and any other relevant factor. Maybe bluetoothing my readings seems redundant since they are just my starting point but when you have very many readings it does ease the bookkeeping burden. :wink:

I also have the MySugr app on my phone, it is also accessible via web on
i have never gotten bored of it, it is so much fun!!!

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Anyone have any comments about the battery life for the Verio Flex since it has Bluetooth? Not sure why Lifescan didn’t use a rechargeable battery like the IQ or at least use AAA (or AA) batteries that you could recharge.

I’m not sure what exactly you mean when you mention including exercise. Do you mean including readings from a Fitbit or other activity monitor?

If not, and you’re just wanting something that allows you to enter that your reading was taken before/after exercise, Diabetes M is a free app that is pretty flexible. It’s got a log entry for food/carbohydrates, calculates your active insulin on board, you can keep track of your weight, medications other than insulin, send reports to your doctor via email, and a host of other things.

I’ve had my Verio Flex for five months and have not had to replace the battery. I miss the rechargeability, backlit screen and port light from the Verio IQ but the bluetooth and app are pretty awesome so I compromised.

Great app but it doesn’t count carbs. You have to add them in manually.

My battery has now died and I called LifeScan about this because six months seemed like a short time of battery life. They said it should last a year. They are replacing my meter. I ended up asking why the Flex isn’t rechargeable like the IQ and they added this to their suggestion files. Maybe if more people call them, they will upgrade the Verio Flex to be a ‘Verio Flex IQ’ , rechargeable, backlit and Bluetooth-equipped?!! :wink: