Diabetes app: Do you use them?

I confess I’m not a fan of diabetes apps, we have tried them pretty much all and my son and I feels it only gives us a more significant workload. Entering the carbs, amount of unit, all that it is a job itself.

Then I read this post and find it super interesting, especially when almost every week I receive an email announcing a new diabetes app.

Do you have a favorite diabetes app that you use?

Hello Mila -

I started using a Food Diary, which completely fell through. As you stated, it was just too much work! Most of the food I searched for was “locked” - meaning you had to pay extra to unlock it and get the needed information. It was a diary so I had the ability to make my own entries, but not to search for them.

If you have better luck finding a useful App, please let us all know. Thanks!!! :smiley:

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I have been using the OneDrop app for a year and a half and it is a good app. It’s free unless you want to pay for advice from a CDE and they have test strips by subscription for quite a bit less than retail. The food database is extensive but I don’t use it a lot because in that instance, you are right it is too much trouble.

For me the app is like a advanced logbook where I can see meds, BG’s, exercise and any food I’ve inputted without having to do any of the calculations myself, as well as averages of all four of those things. I do sometimes look up any foods that I don’t know the carbs and/or calories for and that can be very helpful.

Because I use OneTouch meters, I use the OneTouch app. With my two meters, I synch them to the app which then uploads to the site. A decent way of self-tracking. Easy to use, maybe not as good as some full-featured apps - I loved the DexCom app I used when I had a CGM - but useful.

Hi Mila,

I’m a bit of a data nut so I have found myself using a number of different apps over the years. I have Six Sigma statistical background so my usage may not be ‘normal’ as I typically overwhelm my endo with data and trends so I try to find something that both meets my chart/table/graph needs along with Excel output for further review if it doesn’t provide what I’m trying to get.

That said, my current setup is One Drop (since I utilize their service for test strips … which is an amazing service/savings btw!) along with my Dexcom app and Medtronic Carelink. While this is not the ideal setup since it results in me having to bounce back-n-forth to see various data.

The One Drop app integrates with the Dexcom G5 data, so all of my BG info is in one place and I also input my med doses and carb count in this.

I have been experimenting with Tidepool (which I really really like!) however it does not integrate with One Drop so that, too, is not all encompassing - but it’s really close!

I have also requested to sign up for the beta test of Spike on iOS (but I haven’t received that yet so I have no info on that one).

I’ve used MySugr in the past and while I like the interface, I transitioned to One Drop since it linked with my CGM & had my normal BG data. Based on what I’ve read on here, I may re-visit to see if that can pull over my CGM info and link with Tidepool.



My favorite app of the moment is Glooko. It’s where Diasend is going and is also the software package my endocrinology clinic is going to be using starting this summer. What I like about it is I can upload both my meter and my Dexcom receiver directly to the phone app. I’m on an Android Google Pixel 2 and it works flawlessly. The CGM data is not delayed. I can also avoid the usual hit and miss frustrations of Bluetooth. To bring my t:slim pump data on-board I need to upload via computer. But I don’t have to manually enter any data - big plus for me. Now, it’s pricey, but I’m told that next year the fee will be waved through affiliation with my endo clinic.

I have also used and like mySugr but it can’t integrate my pump data and, truth be told, I really wasn’t fond of the gamification and giggling monster. But the product is solid and the people behind it are ever so helpful.

Here is a recent screen shot of my main Glooko view hovering over one specific day.


I use Dexcom Clarity and Nightscout almost every day. I need to connect my Dexcom G4 CGM to upload data to the web-based Clarity. Nightscout uploads its data automatically from my phone.

I also use Loop, an app that controls my automated insulin dosing system comprised of my pump, CGM, and a radio bridge, RileyLink.

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I use a lot of different apps, many of which sync information to each other via the Apple health app.

I’m looking for apps that will read insulin data from my tandem pump and write that data to the health app. They added “insulin delivery” to the data tracked by Health, but it doesn’t seem like any of the apps are really using it yet.

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Hi DoubleG,

May I ask: Does the One Drop App also have a feature to look up the carbs for the food you are going to eat or do you have to google the carbs for the food and then input the data into the app?

Yes it does, there is a database and you can alter the serving size usually by cups, grams, ounces, etc.

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Sugar Sense. I track bs and exercise.

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With the Dexcom CGM, I use the Sugarmate app on iPhone. It gives a lot more daily useful analysis of the Dexcom numbers. It is also now a Web app that can be used on a computer or on an Android device. Some of the metrics are daily % in range, % above, % below, BG 24 hour Flux grade, average BG, eA1c, daily median BG.



I tried a few and found them too elaborate to enter and review data. All required to stop, concentrate and carefully enter your information often into deferent forms. I was looking for a straightforward process with minimum buttons and menus that would take only a few key strokes. Ended up with using a simple notepad app. I enter one string for each event: time, bg reading and action. It is quick, it doesn’t make me think very much and all the recent information is available at a glance when I need it.

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