Is there an app for infusion site tracking?

My diabetes nurse told me to let it be a month before using the same site again. This means I will have to keep track of 12 different infusion sites a month. Every site should be at least 3 inches form the last site and ideally on different parts of he body.

Is there an app for this? (iPhone)

You can make it easier in yourself by using quadrants. Go upper ab, left, then upper right, then lower left and lower right. Then switch to your hips and top of your glutes. Then I would aim for a spot that doesn’t have any previous track marks which is an indication it’s totally healed. You really don’t need 12 different places just avoid hitting the exact same quadrantinnthe exact same spot


@Siri ,

I wouldn’t know how to do this on an iPhone, but any halfway-normal scripting language should be able to do this.

I’m on once-a-day Toujeo (plus other odds and ends), and a scriptable text editor on my Windows machine emails me an instruction once a day telling me which of the 24 divisions of my abdomen gets stuck that day. I normally read it on my Android phone, but of course an email could be read on any device with an email client.

This is the content of the email I (sort of) sent to myself yesterday:

“Wed 29Mar2023 * Left v: 2 h: 4”

The subject line is:

“Wed29Mar2023 Left v2 h4”

On each side of my abdomen there are 4 horizontal divisions and 3 vertical ones.

Good luck.

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To make it simple, I start on the right side on the top, then middle, then lower belly. Then I move over 3 inches and do the same thing, top, middle, lower. then I get two sites directly over the belly button (lower site is two inches above belly button), then I move to the left and do three (top, middle, lower), two and one. Because we have a lower rib (or at least I do) on the left, I can’t do as many sites on that side. So that’s 14 sites, and I keep each site in for 3.5 days, so it’s 49 days between sites.

I’ve been on the pump for 21 years and I have no permanent bumps. I’m allergic to the adhesive on the back of my sites so I use barrier tape, and I did have to avoid one area due to a bad rash that took forever to heal, but after several months even that site is working again.

I looked at all the suggested rotation charts, and this seems to me to be the easiest to follow.

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Thank you @Timothy, @MapleSugar and @Ruth4 for your suggestion and approaches. I will ponder them all.

I also just found an app for iOS called Injection tracker & reminder by Crio Soft LLC.

Maybe it´s just what I´m looking for?

To answer myself,- it didn´t work with my phone. Lots of bugs apparently.

I am on the OmniPod 5 pump, and they have the injection site tracking issue built in so I can keep track of where to put the pump next. If you are only on one injection a day, just take a calendar and at the bottom of each day’s square, write down where you need to inject on that day. If you have 24 sites already designated, that should give you a 24 day rotation. Plan out a month at a time, and you will have no worries. I think that the nurse who told you to have a MONTH before using a site again was a bit extreme. Your 24 day cycle should serve you well. Good luck.