How many sites do you use?

I just started pumping last month, but I am loving it and hope to for many years.

Right now I am using a pattern of six sites (right thigh, right tummy, right back, left thigh, left tummy, left back) and then I rotate my arms with my dexcom.

What kind of site patterns do use? How many (and which places) do you place sites?

I'm on the pod.

Upper and lower abs, outer part just outside the muscles, left and right side. Probably 4 to six insertion sites each region. Still have a few more insertion sites to explore in these regions

Lower back, love handle area. Right and left side, 3 to 4 inserstion sites each. Still some exploring to do here too.

Upper arm, just below the shoulder muscles, where the tricepts originate. Probably 4 sites each arm. Just recently tried to expand that area out a bit, but experienced an occlusion, so no go on teh expansion.

i use 4 right and left side upper leg and abdomen.

Front inserted to front, back inserted to back on both right and left side of each side and the outer and inner part of upper buttock area, only areas with enough space to insert use angled insets. It keeps sites 2-3 inches apart, for a total of 8. Do all front then all back in a rotation so it's 21 or more days before an area is used again.

I use abdomen upper and lower. I've tried thighs, but that doesn't work for me.

Thanks for sharing, everyone! I'm going to try and tweak my patterns to see if I can use a few more spots, and pay more attention to where the last one was so I can move over instead of hitting the exact same spot.

When I read your post, I just read that you were a pumper and assumed that you were talking about pump sites. That's what I described. I didnt notice that you were talking aboit Dex sites.

My Dex sites are a bit different. I use the center of my abs from just below the ribcage to just below the navel, and can get quite a few insertion sites that way. I reserve the outer parts for my pod.

I do not use my arms for my Dex but i do use my outer thighs. I get a ton of insertion sites on those areas too.

I have fewer sites for the pod because I make sure each insertion site is at least an inch away from the last. The Dex is so small and the wire so thin that I don't particularly worry about how close the sensor I'm inserting is to the last one that was inserted in the same area. I've left a sensor in for as long as 3 weeks, generally no fewer than the 7 days given, so by the time I've rotated back to the same spot, I can pretty much assume the the site has adequately healed over.

Oh I was talking about pump sites! I just threw in there the info that I use my arms for the dex, so I haven't used my arms for any pump sites but I actually really appreciate this response as well, it was quite helpful!

Okay, a little reading comprehension from me would go a long way. =(

Glad to be helpful!

I'm a bit overweight, admittedly, but I get about 20 sites. Eight on the right side of my abdomen (two of which are way over to the side, above my waist, under my arm), two above my navel (the bottom of which is at least two inches above my navel), six on the left side of my abdomen, and four on my right upper buttock area. Since I get 3 1/2 days per site, I don't have to re-use a site for about 70 days.


I use the right side of my abdomen most of the time, as the left side is where I put the CGM. Occasionally, if it seems like it's getting burnt out, I'll use the love handle area on both sides but I only do that maybe every 3-6 months, not very frequently.

Here is a link to medtronic's best locations to infusion set sites: There are also links to tape tips and sensor locations.

Personally I have 18 sites I use: by my belly button, outside obliques, and love handles (both sides of body). This makes 6 different locations, then I use an upper, middle and lower for each of these. This adds up to 18 different locations. I leave an infusion set in for 3 days so if all works well my skin and fat tissue gets 3 x 18 = 54 days between uses. I have found that 20+ years of MDI where I often injected into the middle of my stomach has made my middle section more variable and likely to fail.