Is Whipped Cream Dispenser that Uses Nitrous Oxide Gas safe?

Hi everyone, I know that whipped cream is a poor choice for those with diabetes. But, have anyone of you used a whipped cream dispenser and cream chargers. Is this safe? I was reading an article, How to Used a Whipped Cream Dispenser thinking to buy a new one to give it as a gift for a friend. Although a friend of mine has diabetes, she loves to bake to share and to give to some of our friends. Thanks in advance.

I believe it is the gas that’s the risk not the cream. If you don’t go about inhaling it you are ok and you don’t need to worry much about accidentally breathing a bit from a distance.

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@Timothy thanks for the tips. I just don’t understand how Nitrous Oxide works.

It’s the same stuff that dentists used to use to calm patients down for dental work. I always hated it as a kid cause it was like hallucinating and disturbing. Like any drug people will abuse it if they can. So people started huffing whipped cream. I guess others figured it might be dangerous if you casually inhaled it. I just doubt there is really a risk of that.

Hehehe, Sugarlord, I love your name.
Like everything, it depends on HOW you use it. I’m sure she will be fine.

If you use heavy cream with no added sugar whipped cream is fine. It is is easy and quick to whip your own, I use a hamilton beach drink master.