ISIG # where is it?

I have seen notes that said "use the escape arrow to look at the sensor status screen (the one that tells you the age of the sensor), you will see a line that says "ISIG" and then a number." I don't know where I copied this from and put in my cgm tip sheet. However, I do not see an 'escape arrow' (I presume on the Dex?) on the Dex or anywhere else. One person said it was on the bg meter but there is not one on mine.

Can someone tell me in plain English where is the ISIG number (on which machine?) and how to access it, in detail?
I know what it is, in theory, but can't locate it. Please don't use shorthand terms.

Thank you. I just started my first sensor with my new Dex and would like to get that info.

I dont think there is a user accessible display of the ISIG number for the dexcom.

your notes are the instructions to view ISIG on the Medtronic models.

Well, I guess that explains it! One less thing to worry about. I had almost perfect synching with the old office model I used to test Dex. So far, this new one (overnight) is not doing so well. Hope it improves. Of course, we are asking it to give similar readings to a glucose meter that can be 20% off either way and still be considered "accurate." Not sure how smart it is to ask an unreliable instrument to give a similar reading to another unreliable instrument!

The ISIG and age of the sensor are only available on the Minimed, not Dexcom. The 'escape' arrow is on the MM.

The Dex does not have a screen to show the age of the sensor. I missed this when I switched from MM. So now I write down the date/time on the Dex wrapper, for when I do the start sensor. (Its good to save the wrapper to keep the Lot number in case there is a need to call Dexcom Tech support)

The Dex will give a warning when it is 6 hours left to the 7 day sensor life. Then another warning at 2 and 1 hour (I think).
You can either wait for it to reach the end by itself, or you can also choose Stop Sensor.
At that point, you can either actually insert a new sensor, or just do Start Sensor with the old sensor still in.. But will always get another 2 hour start up time, even if using the old sensor.

I usually get 7-10 days of use per sensor with accurate readings. Many others get longer.