Issues with cleo infusion set working

I wanted to get some advice. My daughter is having issues with insulin delivery after changing a infusion set. She has to then change her infusion set again. She has been using a pump for 7 years and did not have too many issues until recently. The infusion set she is using is the cleo 90. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

switch to a steel-needle set. cannula-type sets can be VERY problematic.

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I’m sorry your daughter has run into insulin delivery/absorption problems. It’s a complicated issue with several different sources of the problem.

First of all, does she employ a site rotation scheme? We tend to go back to sites that gives us little to no pain but that can lead to overuse and scarring. How often does she change sites? Pushing past three days can lead to sites losing their good absorption.

When I had this problem several years ago, I moved from using my abdomen as my primary pump-site location and started using my love handles and around toward my back. Finding an entirely new location can help solve this problem. People use many different pump site locations including the back of the arms, thighs, and anywhere where a minimal layer of fat exists.

I also changed infusion sets. Have her experiment with a few different sets to see if it helps. @Dave44’s suggestion to try steel sets is a good one, but only of the problem resides with set occlusions. If the source of the problem is tissue injury caused by site overuse, changing sets will not likely help, but it won’t hurt either.

I recommend that she experiment with changing her sites and sets while keeping a written record of the pertinent details. Good luck to you and her!

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Thank you both for the replies. We will look into something different for her.

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After many years as a MM pumper, I came very, very close to giving up using my beloved pump because of issues with cannula sets. Luckily for me, someone online (back in the days of “newsgroups”) mentioned Sure-T’s. MM shipped me some samples and I was back “in business”. Been using them ever since. Can’t remember how many years ago that was. :slight_smile: