Issues with Medtronic MiniMed 723


I am having so many problems with the 723. I’m pretty sure this is my 3rd if not 4th one. And whenever I call Customer Service they act like I do not have a clue. I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic for 30+years and on a Medtronic Pump for 15 years. Most of my problems occur when I change out the reservoir set. I do everything the same each and every time, prime the pump, see the insulin drops come through, check for bubbles, etc. etc. and then connect and fill cannula. Last night I changed my pump around 7pm, had dinner and went to bed around 11pm. I was having symptoms of a high sugar so at 1:30am I checked my sugar to find it was over 600 (the glucose monitor couldn’t even read it was so high). I took a manual shot of 10 units to bring it down but also checked the pump to see that there was no alarms but no delivery of insulin coming through the tube. So I rewind and reprime again, fill cannula and start over. Note, it is not the insertion set…it is the pump. Problem is this scenario is happening more often than not. It’s almost like the plunger locks up and will not push the insulin through. After a long night of monitoring, I awoke to a BS of 141 which I’ll take. But within an hour I check my sugar again and it was 41. Note that I’ve not taken any insulin, no food, no drink, no exercise, nothing to cause this. I am beyond frustrated with this insulin pump and after seeing my doctor last week, I am meeting with the Medtronic rep in my area next week to troubleshoot. I simply want them to acknowledge it is a problem and do something about it cause I can’t keep this up. Is anyone having similar issues?


do you smell insulin in the cartridge chamber when you go to change your infusion set? If so then your cartridges are probably leaking causing a problem with the pump, (a common occurrence I understand), also you can try to manually try to prime the Infusion set…I have had a few that have stopped working and when I go to change it out I try to prime the old one and I cant get insulin to go through, until I pull back on the plunger and try pushing again then Insulin goes thru…I take it you are using the Mios? As am I…try another type of infusion set if you can get Medtronics to send you a sample…If not you can get a sample usually from the rep in your area, and see if your troubles stop…I have a 723 pump and have had it replaced twice, Once for running into a door jam horsing around and the second time when I had HDR Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer, and the doctor never removed the pump like he said he would before putting me to sleep…so my pump was exposed to high dose radiation for 20 minutes…Give my suggestions a try It is hard to believe that Medtronics would let faulty 723’s off the shelf knowing they have the problems you are having…I would be more than willing to bet that it is the infusion sets.


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