Medtronic ENLITE with older PUMPS?

Medtronic has released their new ENLITE sensor which has better accuracy and a shorter needle. It is sold with their new 503 insulin pump.

I would like to use the enlite sensor with my Paradigm 523 medtronic pump. I use the same CGM with it that is used by ENLITE. Minimed markets the new enlite as only to be used with their newer 530g pump. Minimed told me that it is not supported by the FDA but would not tell me if it works or not. Enlite uses the same CGM as the 523. I do realize that I would not get all of the functionality but the accuracy would be improved is the main thing. Anyone out there trying this or do we all have to go out a buy a new medtronic 530g insulin pump?

I believe it works w/ the 523/723 pumps, maybe the 22s as well. Mine are in the mail and I'm going to try it out with the 523 on Wednesday or maybe Thursday, depending on what I'm up to.

Enlite is labeled for use with all of Medtronic’s 522 (small reservoir) and 722 (larger reservoir) systems, the Guardian REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, their Paradigm REAL-Time System (pump and CGM combo), MiniMed Paradigm Veo System (the enhanced version with low-glucose suspend, currently available in Europe only), and the iPro2 (their clinical CGM system).

So why do we in the US still have to wait for these “landmark” new sensors while they’re out in European markets?

We don’t know exactly. They won’t tell us. They can’t, according to FDA regulations.

I've met people around the internet who use them with the 523 , so I THINK it'd work. It's off label and not supported by the FDA, but neither is using the one touch ultra link with the 530g and I will be doing that anyway (soon...) as it works and I prefer one touch to bayer. They constantly tell me on the phone the bayer's the only fda approved one and I honestly don't care I don't wanna use a meter that never picks up my lows (my bayer meter I already have which is a regular contour next not the usb one , doesn't ever pick up lows and will say I'm in the 80's (and feeling very hypo) when I'm in the 60's on two finger tests on the one touch ultra 2) . If it works, do it? Who cares as long as it works? The 530g only adds threshold suspend, it's still pretty much the same as the 523 that my friend has otherwise, I'm pretty sure.

The veo and the 530g are the same thing.

I can report the Enlites work great with my 523! It took a bit of getting used to, it seems to like a slightly different tempo for calibrating but I'm having very good results with it, on the good "wheelhouse" days, it usually seems to be within +/- like 5 points, very close to meter #s.

I have a 523 Revel and use the Sof-Sensors. I had a motor error on my pump which is still in warranty so, I called to get a replacement. I suppose that started the process of Medtronic checking on my devices. My CGM was approx. 2 yrs old and seemed to be slowing down so, I decided it was time to replace with a new one. To my surprise I received the Enlites (happy, happy)! I haven't used it yet because I plan to use up the Sof Sensors first.
Will I need to use Tegaderm tape over the Enlites??? I have an order pending and I'm wondering if I should cancel the order.

The will work, but it's considered an "off label" use which has other implications.

I am currently using both the Harpoons (aka Sof-sensor) & Enlite with a Paradigm Revel 723. So, yes, Enlites will work with the "older" pumps which supported the Sof-sensor.

However ...

When I spoke with a Medtronic customer support rep a week & 1/2 ago (Dec 21) I was told that using the Enlite with any Medtronic pump other than the 530g is considered "off label" by either Medtronic or maybe the FDA or possibly both.

What does this mean? It means Medtronic will not (physically) support you if you have problems with the Enlite unless they have a record in their files that a doctor has prescribed the Enlite for you. In other words, your "off label" use of the Enlite product has to have been approved by your physician for Medtronic to play along with it.

From my own experience, feel free to call their support line and ask for help. They'll probably be glad to talk to you. Heck, they talked to me for over a 1/2 hour and not only do I NOT have a script on file but, in fact, the Enlite I was using was a tad over a month past the expiration date on the box. They still listened politely and tried to offer helpful suggestions.

Just don't expect them to offer to send you a replacement for a failed Enlite sensor unless Medtronic has your script for Enlites in their records.

I have no idea how one goes about getting a script "on file". Most likely the script provided/required if you order supplies directly from Medtronic will cover it. However, I do not get my pump supplies directly from Medtronic, so I'm not sure what I'll need to do. But I'm not going to try to tackle that question until everyone is back from their holiday vacations. ;-)

-irrational John
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Wondering if anyone knows if the Paradigm 522 works with recent Enlite sensors? I have a 640G which uses those sensors with a newer transmitter but wondering if same sensors work with a 522 (I have the older transmitter). Thanks,

Three words, one punctuation mark:

Get a Dexcom.

(Huge Dexcom fan here, and underwhelmed with integrated pumps, in case anyone is wondering…)

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No choice! Hoping Enlite does a good enough job but…

Hey @jake42, did you ever try out the 640G Enlite sensors with the Paradigm? Am currently considering trying out the loop system, but only have 640G Enlite sensors for now- your experience would be greatly appreciated!