Issues with supplies

so i keep a) getting blood in my catheter, and b) getting bent catheters so i dont get full delivery or i get ‘no delivery’

my educator was thinking of switching me to the 9mm, (im on a 6mm now) or maybe the silhouette infusion set. im not sure which is best though ><</body>

If your getting blood wouldn’t longer be worse?
I use silhouette along with sure T’s and bent needles. I can’t really use anything that goes straight in cause it will bleed and bend. Shorter is better for me. Are you thin?
Be loved

I get bent cannulas with the 9mm as well! I would think that the 6mm is better. I use the Silhouettes and like them a lot. They are often good for people with less body fat because you can control the angle of insertion. Also, ask for a sample of Sure-T This has a short, fine metal cannula (which sounds scary to me), but I have read good reviews about it recently.

thanks for the comments and personal knowledge, but alas i would love to say that i am slender but im not. im a little over average but most of my excess weight is in my belly (where i put the sites), i definitely have enough flub to grab a handful of lol. i figured a shorter cannula would be better too, but apparently not according to the professionals? ill definitely ask about the silhouettes.

i also find that i get better results when i used my right side as opposed to my left, still cant figure out what thats about. :confused:

I have the same thing Revvy! I much prefer inserting with my right hand!

well,…i didnt mean my right or left hand, although i am a righty- meant my right side of my stomach, it works so much better than my left. its very weird!

Hmm… that is strange!