Silhouette Canula Bends

Hi Pumpers-

I am getting so frustrated with cannulas ending up bent while inserted. I’m on the Paradigm 522 with Silhouette sets. It happens pretty often that my sugars will start going higher, with correction boluses not seeming to have any effect. I generally figure I better change the infusion set and when I pull the old one out, sure enough there is a kink in it.

So here are my questions:

  1. Why doesn’t my pump give me a “NO DELIVERY” message when this happens?

  2. Should I be trying a different type of infusion set or pump that reduces this tendency?


Try the sure-t’s. They are a metal cannula

Check this out, please : I recently learned about the company , a Canadian website and I saw the sets at the International Diabetes Fed. Congress in Montreal , Canada …they have Teflon AND Steel infusion sets ; manufactured in the US 1-800-824-7890 ; not available in Canada till early 2010 …I use Sure-T’s and will try a few …different from what I have used before , incl blue tubing…air bubbles very noticeble I would think . These sets work with ALL pumps , the brochure states .


I’m on the Paradigm 522 & use Silhouette sets also and the same thing occurs w/me. I had to switch from the Quick-Set cannulas b/c they were bending all the time. Here’s what I did: I switched from the Silhouette (17mm) to the Silhouette (13mm) cannulas. It has GREATLY decreased the bending/kinking of the cannula. If you have scar tissue, etc., you’re likely to get bending…having a shorter cannula helps (especially if you’re thin). I would NOT suggest the metal cannulas as others have recommended here. Again, if you’re thin or athletic, it’s not what you want to be using. Good luck,


I would suggest anything that will help, metal or not. On the Sure-T, that metal is very short. Perhaps you should just ask for some samples of various sets(they will send you samples) and see for yourself. Then, instead of listening to someone else, you can determine for yourself. If someone tells me it’s not what I want to be using, I’m going to wonder why, it sure won’t be because someone said so.
Just call Medtronic and explain the problems you are having. Try different length cannulas, try different infusion sets, and see which works best for YOU. Many of us already know what works best for us. You need to decide for yourself, by trying them all yourself.
Good luck and come back and post your findings.

what really bothers me is when the silhouette sets bend so I can;t even remove the needle. I switched to the quick sets because they seem to work better (less bleeding ect) they don’t stick to me all that well though :slight_smile:

My pump has only given me a No delivery message once, and I had a few kinks while using the Quick-Sets.

I switched to the Sure-T’s, and they are terrific!! I don’t have the problems like I did before. They can’t kink, and they are pretty comfortable, in my opinion. There is a lot of talk about them on here, and that is how I found out about them. Order some samples right away. You will not regret it. I promise.

Nel, I do so appreciate you telling us about them. They are available here in the states it looks like. I just filled out the form to get some samples. They sound great. Hopefully I can get them soon. Have a feeling I am going to like them.

You should try inserting your Silhouettes MANUALLY. It’s really not so bad. I took shots for 35 years before pumping, and have never had a kinked cannula when inserting Silhouettes manually!

I started with the quick sets and I had about 30% of them bending on me. I had a disetronic pump several years ago and used the angle infusion sets and had never had that before. I just switched to the Sillouettes and am happy that my bending issues are resolved! Everyone is just different and has different stuff under their skin. I would do as one of the posters said and just try them all until you find one that you like. Good luck!

I also NEVER had a kinked cannula when using Silhouette type infusion sets. I only inserted manually (I didn’t even know there was an insertion device).

When I started on Quick Sets, that was the first time I experienced a kinked cannula.

But definitely try out the Sure-T’s . I might FINALLY get my first Sure-T’s on December 9th.

Update: I have tried the Sure Ts as recommended, and I love them. Thanks for all of the advice!

Great!!! :slight_smile: Another Sure-T convert!

Are you inserting it yourself or via the auto-injector? I’ve noticed whenever I used the auto-injector(only at the very beginning), it constantly gave me bent sets, perhaps due to the speed at which its inserted?

I’ve only had 1-2 bent sets otherwise when doing it manually, and that was my own fault.

If it’s happening almost every time you change it, you might look into a different type of set.

As for no delivery, check and make sure you have it set to alarm, otherwise it could be that its such a minute issue that the pump isn’t registering it. I’ve found that mine will only alarm if its significantly backed up or cut off.