Another freaking bent cannula

I never use to get these and now they are happening more often!!!

What causes these?

What kind of sets are you using? Are you rotating your sites so that you’re not trying to insert where there ‘might’ be scar tissue? I know that at first I wasn’t rotating my sites and then I had a lot of bent cannulas :frowning:

Scar tissue is really all I can think of? Trying to insert over tight, taught skin maybe? Close to bone?

If none of these apply you can chalk it up to bad luck. I once had 3 in a row. I decided to say forget it and went back to MDI for a few days.

I use quickset and never use to get them.

I think it is scar tissue as I have only used upper and lower abdomen over the last 8 years, tried my a$$ once, but was not a fan, site was painful.

I refuse to use my legs as I have indentations from doing my shots there for decades and shots were always painful to me.

Bunch of crap and 6 hours later still at 321, grrrrr, and I wonder why my urinalysis sucked.

If you want to try a Silhouette one, let me know. I’ve always liked them better and have not had very many problems with them bending. I usually use my abdomen and, while I only have 3 years under (and over, ha ha…) my belt, I also tried my sort of “love handle” area for some hot runs after I had some “pull outs” on my belly and that worked ok too. I think the Silhouette ones stick better. They also seem like they are a bit flatter and easier to tape down w/ extra tape for heavy-duty situation?

my daughter tested the Orbit & Silhouette in one year of time and she definitely chose these last ones, too. no insertion issue and they stick much better, up to 5 days without any prob. about scar tissues, it might be the cause, it is not the first time I hear this… when my daughter was on injections she said she prefered thighs or arms that were less painful to her… sure you don’t want to give it just one try again ? good luck x

The one thing that I like about Silhouettes is that you can insert them at any angle if you don’t use the inserter. I can use them in places that I could never use a Quick Set. I personally hated Quick Sets and use to have lots of problems with them hurting and bending.

Silhouettes are a bit daunting to insert because of the inserter needle. However, I have incredibly few bad sites with them and very few sites that hurt. When I started pumping, my educator indicated that the Sil inserter was wicked and that I should never use it. I started inserting them manually from the start. I use them in places that I have very little fat and I put them in at a shallow angle. Other places with more chubbiness, I might put them in deeper. I used Mios for a while, but they’re really just Quick Sets with a cute pink or blue site and a built-in inserter. I am fairly thin and I do much better with angled sets. So maybe you should give them a try,

Quickset user, 6 mm. Began to have more frequent bent cannulas with insertion. Tried new serter, tried manual insertion, tried different “pinches” where inserting and kept having trouble. Had been using skin tac prior to insertion, let it “dry”, inserted as had been doing for a long time. (skin prep not sticky enough for me, like skin tac better). So stopped applying skin tac prior to insertion, insert instead on alcohol cleaned site, then unhook and use skin tac pad to soak quickset tape. Have not had a bent cannula since (late May/early June) and quickset has stayed stuck as good as before.

Me too. I use Silhouettes, short canula length and have never had a crimped set in 11 years.
My first week of pumping, I used 90 degree sets which crimped every day, and I nearly threw my new pump out the window.

I forgot to add that the sets that gave me the most trouble were the quick sets. Personally I don’t seem to do as well with the 90 degree, straight in sets as I do the Silhouettes, which I always manually insert.

AR,have you tried your chest yet?

I am not sure what causes this! When I first started using a pump (about 1 year ago), approximately 20% (1 in 5) of my canula insertions resulted in a bent canula. The signal to me that the canula was bent was I could see moisture droplets thru the inset window. Oddly, and for reasonsI do not understand, it has rarely happend in the last 9 months. I do pay extra attention to make sure the inset is activated when it is exactly at 90 degrees to the skin and I try to make sure I keep it very steady when I activate it, however even when the canulas were bending I thought I was being just as careful. I think it just happens and sometimes the events are clustered!

I used Quicksets for 3.5 years and would have periods of getting bent cannulas every couple of weeks. I finally got frustrated and started exploring the other options. I was NOT comfortable at all with the Silhouettes. I just couldn’t get myself to do it. Then I got a recommendation to try the Minimed Mios and I haven’t had a single problem. There are blog posts from others who have had the same bent cannula issue and had it clear up when they switched to the Mio.

I’d give Minimed a call and get some samples of the Mio and Silhouette and see which you like better. Good luck! I know how frustrating it is.