It has been a while

Well it has been a while since I had last blogged or had time to geton tudiabetes asn I have really missed it. It is been about 11 months on the pump and I have an A1C of 6.5 (5.9 before) and well some really un wanted weight gain. This summer I decided to take the plung and have sinus surgery. I have horrable allergies and swizzle stick sized sinus (I am 6’1" and barrel chested). My wonderful ENT did hte surgery very little pain and I can now blow my nose (I never could it was that bad). Well I am also adrenal insuficent so when I am sick or under stress I need cortizone to fill in for my lazy adrenal gland not producing enough cortisol. Well seriods raise bg and I had to increas pump settings. Well after I tapered off the cortizone my BG never went down. So I had to take a bit more and a bit more. I am also on the road half the week this fall commuting to school and eating out alot. So my A1C goes up, I pack on weight and have a crancky Endo for my November visit. Well my insulin is turned down about 30% and low and behold I start to retun back to normal. I was rebounding ( btw lost 9lbs in the 2 months since). It was weird. But something good did come out of it. The Dr prescribed a low dose of metformin at night to help wiht the dawn effect, fish oil for some slightly elivated triglicerides (also keeps the bromocriptine from hurting my stomach). I decided to take a very light load next semesiter. Only one calss and I will only be on the road 9 days this spring instead of 40-50. Along wiht that I have enroled in a exercise program for those with diabetes (lets see what a proper insulin does wiht exercise will do for my BMI). 2009 will be a healthier year not beacus eof some resolution I am starting Thursday but because of what I did and am doing now.