A better 2 days away I've had

So my hubby and I decide to take afew days away right??? The 1st night my pump becomes detached from me. I wake up at 3 in the morning with a 511 bs. So I think I got it together and the next night I fall to a 21 and my hubby was gone so it was all up to me to do this right??? My vision was so blured and well I was sweating beyond beleive and life just wasn't going my way ok???? I slowly make it over to the frige in our room and get the gluagon kit (now that was an adventure in itself) anyway I got it out and decided to try and give my ownself a shot of it (another adventure) I finally get a shot of it (after many minutes of trying) then of coures my hubby comes in asking what I had ate. Eating REALLY??? All I could think about was the gluagon shot. Long story short was the worst few days away I had Lets not talk about how high I got after the shot! LOL!

Wait I didn't say we were out of state and I didn't know what ER I would go to and my hubby would NEVER find me LOL!

Hi Doris, the old joke is, you need a vacation after your vacation. Have a Happy Mothers Day!

See Trudy that was the whole reason in getting away for a few days! LOL! Yep a vacaion from that vacation would be good! LOL!

Well Doris you survived it all. Maybe that is what we need to do start our own TV show...new this fall on the CRAPO TV Network, Survivor Diabetic. Watch as diabetic, with low blood sugar, fumble through getting OJ, eating glucose tabs and giving themselves the dreaded gluc shot. Then watch as their blood sugar goes through the outer rim of the solar system and they feel like crap.

Yep diabetic survivor, oh you know you'd watch.

Yep I would so totally! LOL! Problem with that is I might just be the star of the show after these past 2 days! LOL!

OMG, I like the story, glad you survived it all and sure can feel for you. I've helped my hubby brokenpole out of many many lows with gluc shots. Even talked my daughter through giving him the shot over the phone once. I know well all you have to do to prepare the shot, and cannot imagine how hard that was for you to do with blurred vision. First time I gave him the shot I forgot to remove the little plastic cap over the place to inject the solution into the powder and tried to stick the needle through it in my panic to fix the injection for him.So glad you were able to do this yourself. I agree with what my husband brokenpole says above, we need a new reality show on diabetics fumbling through this. To those of us who know, it would be hilarious!

Oh I think it would be. Honestly we get so dumb at that time! LOL! Soparky has a good idea there but like I told him after the last 2 days I'm afraid I'd be the star! LOL! Thank u my hubby has helped me through many lows and I feel for both of u.

What a fun vacation. Never given myself a glucagon shot--yet. You're brave, girl.

WEEEll Gerri it took me about 7 trys to inject the fluid into the bottle and then another 7 tries to give myself the shot. All in all it was funny though when my husband came into the room that was pumped up to 85 degreese and here I sat with the bed comfortable around me shanking like a leaf. OMG what an adventure! LOL!

That would be me. Can't do a thing or think when low like that. Told you, I think, the time I tried to make a call using the TV remote. Where's the dial tone--lol.

Oh I swear we do the dumbest things when we're low! I remember u telling me about that! LOL! Hey I've been on Tu and tried to type while in a low..ERRRRR that's not the best advice to try and to that b/c noone could read what I typed! LOL!Not even me> LOL!

OMG Gerri the wife nad I are in tears...that is hilarious. I can just see you yelling "where the hell is the dial tone!"

Only a diabetic or someone close to a diabetic can see the great humor in that one.

We have a friend who used to work fo the city of Philadelphia. He had two diabetic co-workers who, for some untold reason, he put on a crew together. They were in the city one day and BOTH dropped low. When they both "came to" there were peanut M&M's and skittles all over the inside of that truck. Fortuantely they never hit anyone or anything and both lived to tell about it.

wait did I say 7 times it was closer to 27 times. LOL!

My husband has given himmself a glucogon shot once, and his mind was fuzzy and probably doesn't remember it much. My hands shake because I am panicky when I am doing that. Every low that is like that when you or your loved one is needing a shot is an adventure. I always felt like I failed if I couldn't get him to eat something (because he sometimes would smirk at me and refuse, and other times he got angry) and had to give him a gluc shot. Sometimes I knew he was too low to safely eat because I thought he could choke and had to give it to him. You did great Dori in spite of the difficulty! Proud of you! And Gerri, we are still laughing here about you trying to use the tv remote to make a call. I think stuff like this should be written in on one of the sit com shows. It be a way to educate people about diabetes for sure

Oh Honey I do the samething to my hubby when he tells me to eat. Or exp when he tells me to check my bs. LOL! I think it's just programmed into us! LOL! THANK YOU!

Just telling on myself here....................... Debb lives in New York state right???? I called her one day and after about 2 minutes of talking to her she told me to check my bs and call her back. I was in the lower 20's at that time and she caught it from the way I talked to her. LOL!

Girl what a vacation you had... and you are still able to laugh about it.. I cannot imagine giving myself a glucagon shot.. You are so brave. Have a Happy Mother's day!!

God Bless,

Thank U Brunetta!! I think the next time he says lets get away for a few gays I'll just stay here! LOL! Yes I have found over the years laufter is the best medicen exp when to a "normal" person u act so lost!

Oh my goodness, Doris. I am so, so sorry.