Itching, prickling sensations

I’ve had these sensations for a long time but had no idea they were from diabetes until I was diagnosed last week and started reading…I didn’t even bring it up with my doctor thinking it must be “nothing.” However, it is keeping me up at night and scratching during the day.
Can anyone recommend a way to cope with this and does it go away?

The doctor put me n Metformin because my fasting BG was 123. I haven’t started the medicine yet as I wanted to see what would happen if I ate correctly. After a week, my tests before and after meals have been mostly under 100 except for being over 100 in the morning. So maybe I should start the medicine. I wouldn’t think this little bit would cause my itching an prickling which has gotten worse this week. Prior to the last week I was eating very poorly craving sugar and eating whole cakes and I have no idea what my BG was then. I have eaten stupidly for 60 years so what can I expect . I haven’t been able to sleep the last three nights due to the itching, prickling and restless legs which have all increased since I started the diabetic diet; I have lost 4 pounds??? Carol

Sounds familiar, Carol. I had forgotten about the itching…worried me as I read that Kidney or Liver (I forget which) problems can cause itching. I have been eating less carbs, and have not been bothered by the itching. Also lost weight eating that way! The restless legs have come and go all my life. Maybe the increase in both for you are due to the recovery your body is making? Good luck…not sleeping is a booger!

I was diagnosed in January this year and now I find my feet are driving me nuts, between the itching and pain everyday and night. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and he said the pain was plantar facitis and the itching and extra sensitive toes was due to the diabetes. He is sending me to a foot doc on thursday so I suppose I will know more then. I too have trouble sleeping from the feet and legs but also from an injury to the right arm that causes a lot of pain all the time. It really sucks to not be able to sleep, makes it hard to drag your but through the day, at least for me cus I end up feeling tired all day.
Hope the meds help you out. take care!

It sounds similar to diabetes neuropathy. Mine is in my feet. Has mostly gone away since my diabetes is under control. I would check back with your doc. There are medications and exercises to help you. You need your sleep!