Itchy feet

Hey all! For the past week I have been having this ridiculous itching on the top of my feet and I am starting to wander if it is diabetes related. I have no rash, but the top of my feet are so itchy that I have scratched the skin right off now on four separate occasions (two of which occurred while I asleep). There is no pain other, just the itch. This week I have been running a bit high - my BG according to dexcom has been around 9.0 on average (162 mg/dl) but that surely isn’t high enough to cause foot issues, so I am kind of at a loss as to the cause and treatment. I haven’t been eating anything new and I have tried hydrocortisone cream, cerave and in scented aveeno, but with no relief. Has anyone else had this? Is this a diabetes foot thing, or just one of those things that happens sometimes?

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I would guess it’s just a foot thing, possibly a fungal type infection (athlete’s foot). I get this occasionally. Try rubbing your feet with Tea Tree cream - you can buy tubes of it online from Amazon.

Ok crazy question - but have your shoes been in contact with anything that could cause this? Just because that happened to me not to long ago, but I realized that it was the shoes I had been wearing for gardening. Maybe it was a combination of sweat and dirt, or maybe even an irritating weed, but once I stopped wearing them the itching & rash went away.

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I suggest a dermatologist as soon as possible. PWD can have low-grade skin infection as the result of the extra glucose in our body. while an over the counter topical can be helpful, if you have this it is unlikely to make it go away. Feet are especially vulnerable. A dermatologist can help you get to the bottom of it. Even with treatment for several years by a dermatologist I have yet to be completely rid of it. The dermatologist gets ti treated and then it comes back in a few months.