Itching skin!

So it’s been pretty cold where I live, and when I’m walking outside, my skin (especially my legs) get so incredibly itchy! Its almost painful. I’ve read that this is an issue for a lot of people when their skin gets cold, but my dad thinks it’s related to my sugars and minor neuropathy. I’ve felt that “tingling” in my feet before from high sugars, but never all over my body. And as I said, it only happens when I’m walking in the cold.
Does anyone else experience this? Related to diabetes or not, it needs to stop because it is unbearable.

I have the same problem sadly. I have had it checked out, and it for me is not related to diabetes. I am actually allergic to the cold. Cant say the same for you, but would be wise to get it checked out.

I’m actually really happy to hear that yours isn’t diabetes related because hopefully mine isn’t either

In my college years, I was bothered by Cold Urticaria, but no problems in decades. Indeed the Wikipedia page notes that this is most common in age 18-25. I am 46 now and haven't had the problem in decades.

When I was in college I found out that antihistamines worked very well for me.

I remember some research that Cold Urticaria is not rare in T1's but cannot find it right now. Doesn't seem to be diabetes-related in general.

All not to be confused with dry skin itching.

Like others here, I also used to have cold urticaria (allergic to cold). I had this condition from about the age of 8 until I was 20, at which point I outgrew it. I was diagnosed with Type 1 when I was 9.

You might want to get it checked out by a doctor, because cold urticaria can be dangerous at times. Antihistamines might help, but I experienced severe reactions (body-wide hives and anaphylaxis) trying to swim in outdoor bodies of water, even after taking an antihistamine. We have very mild winters here, otherwise I may have had more problems. Even a cold drink from the fridge or wearing shorts on a summer evening with a breeze would cause areas touched by cold to get incredibly itchy and swell and break out in hives.

I don't think it's related to diabetes aside from the fact that both involve a twitchy immune system. I'm now 32 and although I've developed many other allergies, this condition hasn't bothered me in years, although I do still often get a burning sensation from cold, but no hives or swelling. From what I've read cold urticaria is often a transient allergy.

i've been itching a lot lately, too. although it doesn't seem 'cold' related, it's indoors as well, not just my legs but everywhere (I think I was having this before I was diagnosed T1). i even changed my novolog to humalog these past few days because it's been so uncomfortable and I thought maybe it was from my short acting. I do believe this is type 1 - diabetes related and does have to do with our nerves. our skin is our largest organ, it's listed as symptoms of diabetes (itchy skin, skin disorders, etc..). It seems worse for me, my neuropathy symptoms too, when I go from high blood sugars to low or normal, it seems to fire up and regenerate everything again.

I have a lot of itching & rashes on and off too, for years now. I think it is partly allergies/sensitivities, partly D etc. I make sure to moisturize well within 2 minutes after bathing and try to avoid the things that cause it. I was wondering if I'm allergic to something in the insulin lately too. It is always worse in winter due to dryness/heat etc. I think. Although yesterday I was so itchy and it snowed today so the humidity was high. When my bg spikes I do frequently get itchy and also sometimes when it goes low.

Benedryl gel helps me a lots also but sometimes if it's really bad I need benedryl the pill.