It's a new week!

First blog post on this site :-)

so its the beginning of a new week and I've set a new goal for it...

I usually like to keep my sugars a little on the high side like 180+ because I am so nervous of having a hypo situation(which has yet to happen) but I'm just such a nervous freak about EVERYThiNg now!!

I definitely want to get my levels down to a nice normal 110+ and I will be a happy girl!!! the devil on my left shoulder wants me to eat everything I shouldn't tho hehe

let's see if I can get myself down to a good level this week without over correcting it and sending myself higher than I should(damn u anxiety)
Wish me luckkkkk,

I like to keep my bs's at around 110. Here's wishing u the best for this week!

Best of luck. Just remember if you are adjusting make sure you test more often.

Best thing is to test, test, test. I have been Type 1 for 26 years, and still test about 10 times a day. Best of luck, you can do it!

You and I would make a "good team." I prefer to keep my BG around 80-120. If you keep yours at 180 you will develop complications quicker than keeping it at a lower #. Like the others said "Test, test, test !!!!!".

Vikkitoria- my endo told me to try and only test 3 times a day but like you I like yo test more often to make sure I'm on track of a good sugar all day.... easy for her to say test 3 times , its not her!!!

catlover- your exactly right about developing complications so I really need to try and be comfortable at a lower level for my own sake ! 80-120 seems like the perfect range as well!! thnx

Test and adjust. Remember, you are your pancreas now. It doesn't work any more like it supposed to where it tested and adjusts constantly. You'll thank yourself many many years from now if you do.

I've been on the 180 trip too. Lows stink. I'm on a pump now and really appreciate it. Shoulda started pumping years ago. 40+ years as a Type 1. And, yes I have some complications. So, my advise: Test and adjust. A lot.

Expect lows and always be prepared. Carry glucose tabs or gel with you everywhere. You will start to recognize what your body does when you run high and low, pay attention to those signs and test away! You can do it.