It's Better to give than to recieve. Share your Hearts with all of us

Here’s some shared thought 's of love on this day of thanks. Even thou I awake knowing I have to control my blood sugar in my heart, I’am thankful my heart is filled with joy for on this day I share with you The Thanks for all you do . Dedicated to Manny and everybody else who walks of path. Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the season of Christmas.
Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Dear Santa,I WISH I COULD COULD HELP!. a GUY AT Work. He lives in and out of his car. I wOULD LIKE TO Give him what ever i can to help. Please help him get what ever he needs. You know were to find him. Take care. And god bless. MERRY CHRISTMAS. Melissa I BELEIVE

the year that I thought I would not have Christmas for my family; A trucker challenged me. ( I was a mom & pop gas station attendant that year. I had four children by that time)
The challenge was to find and give Christmas to as many as I could.
I thought about that alot. I finally started asking all the “regulars” that I filled their gas tanks for old toys that I could fix or clothes that need tiny repairs that I could do during the not so busy hours of the job. I dis all I could. I managed to fill my station wagon with lots of stuff and made deliveries on Christmas Eve all the way til 11:45pm:) It was fun. My heart was filled. I still had no idea what would happen for my own children on Christmas morning. I had nothing for them. All the broken toys I had given away fixed up pretty. The same with the clothes… I’m kinda handy with material:)
That Christmas morning at 1 am… a red pickup pulled up in my driveway.
A knock on my door to confirm that I lived there by two men that I didnt know.
It was starting to rain as they brought gifts to my door. ( I offered an old tarp to cover their truck as they moved on to the next house…) I was told "No Mam. The truck stops here only. All of this is for you and yours."
Santa, I figure that trucker must have had a chat with you and God.
Christmas always fills my heart.
This Christmas; I hope I can do more of the same. Though my avenue of work is much different now as a stay at home,homeschooling mom of 6 with my 7th in fostercare due to health issues we couldnt handle at home. My wish is my family healed.

if u could see me , i promise these r tears of joy. send me the names of your children and a brief story about each and i will create vcards for each and put them up here so u can show them. the joy of giving. thank u tudiabetes this is what the gift of life is all about. MeadowLark thanks for your help last year. YOU R ON THE NICE LIST!!!

Believing in the unbelieveable THAT TRUELY IS THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS.