It's Just Ulcsers!

Got the news a little bit ago, he has ulcers! Not the best news but alot better than I was thinking!! WHEW!!! I’ll still not be around as much any more…gotta get used to that diet! HA!!

So glad it’s not something worse, Doris! Our thoughts are with you and your husband!

Phew! (though I have never heard someone so excited about ulcers!!)

Glad it is nothing worse!! Hope that the new diet goes well…

Kristin let’s just say my imagination was running wild!!! HA!! My daughter is a CNA and this will say something for listening to her ( I should have knew better) we had him pretty much diagnosed with colon cancer . That’s why I was so excited to find out it was ulcers! HA! I know that we can kinda fix that. I had the samething a few years back and now I don’t thanks to the diet and meds!!

I’m so glad for you that it’s nothing worse! Like you said not the best news but thankfully he should feel better with the right medicine & some diet changes. Do you mind me asking what his symptoms were? My hubby has been experiencing stomach/bowel issues lately but of course he won’t see a dr until his regular 4 month checkup. I feel it could be ulcer as well but of course I can’t be sure. Good luck with everything!!

Good news Doris…but you better give up those pepper and hot sauce sandwiches.

He’s a man and who gets sicker than them??? HA!!! No really his symptoms started as being very easily irritated and ill along with the stomach ache and all. It exculated into when he went to the bathroom for a bowel movement he was crapping out totally black and come to find out he was crapping blood. He didn’t tell me alot of what was going on at the time but now is telling alot more. I think that was b/c he knew that I was worried about my daughter’s, granddaughters, my father has lung cancer, and my grandmother is 83 years old. He didn’t want me to worry about him too. Please tell your hubby he may want to go to a gastero dr to find out what’s up before it’s too late and he may wind up in the ER with his symptoms and then as we’ve found out it’s kinda too late the damage has already been done!

He will have to do that not me!!! HA! I love peppers and hot sauce! I want hot sauce on EVERY sandwich I eat!!! He wants the mayo! I had the ulcers YEARS ago and had to give up all the stuff I liked for them and now well I’ll eat it in another room if I have too!!! HA!!

HA! Got to agree with you on that one Debb! Men and one more thing here I’ve got to say…Men who’ve never been sick seem to think that if their little finger hurts it’s life threating!!! HA!!!

That sounds all to fimalier (ok spelling) I know what you mean about never being able to be sick! My dad refused to belive that Type 1 would make you so sick you thought you would die at times! I have some pretty sever insulin reactions and have for years you want to know what he and my husband said after one I went through, “Well if you’d learn what to eat this wouldn’t be a problem for you.” WHAT!!! I can’t even feel a reaction comming on any more!!!