So as I was adding my D-day story to Patricks discussion, I was reminded of what happened about a month before I was diagnosed. I wanted to share it because I have seen a few posts in the discussion where some folks have absolutely no family history of T1 anywhere.
I had been experiencing some pretty severe digestive problems. Like I lived in the bathroom. I thought it was a virus and was not concerned. This went on for a few days and finally I went to the hospital after work one night because I couldn’t take it. I had a bad case of pancreatitis, a bladder infection, and a UTI. I was admitted for 6 days and put on IV cipro. Upon discharge I was given a bland diet order and basically sent on my way.
Luky me. I was 22, and after a few weeks I discared the diet for the most part. I was not a huge drinker but I drank like any other normal 22 year old. Apparently binge drinking ( I guess I had at some points, who doesn’t ) can cause damage to the pancreas.
6 weeks later was my D-day.
Has anyone else had a DX of pancreatitis before the diabetes DX? just curious.

Here is my D-day in case you missed Patricks discussion. It was interesting to see how alot of the story’s are the same, makes you feel like you are not alone and other’s know what you are going through and how damn serious this nightmare is.

I remember leaving work sometime that weekend because I had been vomiting and having digestive issues. I had also noticed an extreme weight loss in a few days, like 5-8 ponds. My clothes were suddenly falling off. My Vavo had gotten me some ensure because I hadn’t held food down in a few days and we thought I was suffering from a summer flu. My ex boyfriend ( now my Husband ) had come over to watch a movie and he was really concerned about how I looked, It appeared I had two black eyes, I thought it was from being sick and not sleeping well. I told him if I did not feel better in the morning I would go to the hospital.
Around 4am, I got in my car and actually drove to go buy ginger ale at the store around the corner, and I think I drank an entire 2 liter. My Vavo brought me to the hospital at like 6 am because I had extreme stomach cramps and could barly walk from the pain.
I don’t remember what my BS was, I do remember how great the morphene felt that they gave me for pain. I know my A1c was 12.9 and I was in the ICU for 5 days.
fun,fun,fun :slight_smile: