It's never good when your primary doctor says "you should make an appt with Dr. House."!

Ok, so the short story goes in October I tested positive for protein in
my urine. No big deal wait 3 months and have another test. I didn’t
get to wait that long.

December I get the flu. Coming down from
a fever of 103 I see blood in my urine. I see the doctor the next day
and go get blood and urine tests done as well as a CT scan to check for
stones. They notice I have large ovaries on the scan and suggest I go
to OB/Gyn specialist.

January I go see the nephrologist. Sends
me for blood work, 24 hour urine collection and has me do a CT scan
with contrast. Also sends me to the urologist.

February is urologist month. has multiple urine and blood tests done and a cystoscopy (what fun that was).

March is OB month. I have cysts that have resolved themselves. Get a sonogram in 6 weeks and we’ll see if they have come back.

So, today I went back to my primary to sort out all the medical jargon thrown at over the last few months. OB, cysts are a small deal right now although it is quite painful when the rupture. So, I hope they don’t come back.
Urologist, cleared me but puzzled about the blood and protein (which still exists today).
and this is the part that scares me a little, wants me to see a
hematologist. Seems that the protein is abnormal and my red blood
cells are misshaped and wants me to be checked for multiple myeloma.
If the hematologist clears me he is suggesting I have a kidney biopsy.

trying not to freak out at this point. My husband asked if I’m sure I
am not being sucked into the money making machine of the medical
field. It’s hard to tell sometimes. Are they being overly cautious?
Am I a target? We get a copy of all the labs and reports from the
scans and such and see the what is being flagged, but with out a
medical degree who can really tell?

Sorry to post this novel just had to vent a little and advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Well, I’m not so sure that they’re putting you through the medical machine, as much as they are trying to systematically rule out everything that it could potentially be. I, myself, have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which can cause some spotting, and all kinds of follicles or cysts to develop in the ovaries, as well as making my ovaries be a lot lager than normal ovaries. I don’t think I have ever had any of them rupture, but, yeah… there is pain from time to time – a lot of cramps. I do hope they are able to rule out things, and find a resolution for you, and a simple one at that… :slight_smile: Just try to keep your chin up, about it, and don’t despair.


thanks, I thought it might also let you know how important the urine tests can be. Make sure when you go back to the doctor that they do one. This is of course assuming you have insurance or good clinic and do not have to pay the high costs associated with testing.

Well, I don’t have insurance, but I go to to a volunteer medical clinic for the uninsured, in my community. I will at least try to ask for one the next time I’m there. :slight_smile:

Well, here’s my take (as a medical receptionist, who oftens schedules all those outside appointments). I think your doctor’s are suggesting all these test because 1. They don’t know what is going on and unfortunately multiple tests and specialist is sometimes required, and 2. but much more UNLIKELY is If they DON’T schedule those tests, and something is missed, their ■■■ is on the line. It is unfortunate that some doctors have to order all those test and pass the buck so to speak to specialists because of Medical Malpractice suit fears. That is part of the reason that healthcare is so expensive now… it’s unfortunate, but true.

That said- I think that they really are trying to get to the root of the issues, but they do have to protect themselves at the same time. It’s not so much a money making machine, it is just a result of a few bad seeds poisoning the waters for everyone else. I really do think that doctors have your best interest at heart. I think most doctors have a “better safe than sorry” attitude overall. I’d be happy to have a team like yours. They seem to be covering all the bases. Good luck.

Thanks Devon. This just seems to be going on for so long that I’m second guessing everything.

My husband and I went over all the labs and reports that were given to me and picked all the wording apart and yeah, you’re right, they seem to be doing the better safe than sorry. And, I am fortunate to have such a good medical team.

Not only has it been many months, lots of money and time off work, I’ve also been in pain through most of it and I think just started feeling a little sorry for myself. Done with that and time to move on. April is Hematologist month!! Yeah.

Well, I hope April turns out to be a good month for you.

It’s hard to deal with things when you are being bombarded all the time, so your question is VERY understandable. I hope you are feeling a little better and get some good news soon!