IV 3000 patches otc?

Hello Everyone,

I have been using IV 3000 preps below and above the sensor adhesive and I found out today they aren't covered well by my insurance since they're durable medical and I have a $100 deductible for out of network suppliers which mine is. For some reason the transmitter and receiver and sensors are under rx and are very well covered for me though. This company said they can get me 100 for $39, but I'm wondering if they are actually otc or if there is another substitute besides tegaderm which didn't seem to work for me. How about opti flex? Is that like iv 3000?

Do you mean Opsite Flexfix? Works GREAT over the sensor!!! Much the best of the adhesive patches IMHO! I don't personally put anything under the Dexcom except for covering the area with Skin Tac before inserting. I used to use IV3000 when I started out on Medtronic Sof Sensors and it used to peel away in a day or two!.


Thank you Joel, yes I think I meant opsite flex fix. Is that similar to Iv 3000?

I haven’t tried skin prep yet not sure if it would agree with me.

Iv 3000 seems to be the best for me and it hasn’t peeled off at all.

Flexfix and IV3000 are nominally the same sort of stuff. Clear patch tape with backing on both sides. However, the Flexfix sticks MUCH better. Get the 4 inch wide rolls - you can cut a length that will fit across the sensor and then cut out a hole for the sensor bed.

I haven't had any issues with Skin Tac.


Great! I will see how the price compares for that since I saw it on Amazon. I will check for Skin Tac too and see what the ingredients are. So far I haven't had any issues with my sensor/transmitter falling off or anything and with IV 300 over the top it is even better since the dex adhesive patch does tend to come up at the edges pretty quickly otherwise. Thanks again :-)

Do you know if flexfix is latex free? I can't seem to see that anywhere online but I have emailed one site to try and figure it out.

Sorry, Don't know if it is latex free.

According to this http://http://www.smith-nephew.com/documents/canada/canada%20englis... it is latex free.

Thanks Brian!