IV Prep makes my son itch

We’ve been pumping about a month, and my son complains that the area around the site itches. I think it’s because the IV prep dries him out. I’ve tried putting lotion or cortisone around it, which relives the itching but also releases the adhesive on the site. Any suggestions? The tape around the site doesn’t leave a rash or anything, so I don’t think that’s what’s bothering him. We use the Animas Insets.

I never used the iv prep I would often you use adhesive patches to make sure things stayed in place.

I get itchy from the adhesive on the back of the site, so I have to put it through another barrier (I use tegaderm patches), but the IV prep has never made me itchy.

You could use regular alcohol wipes or, if his skin still dries out too much, possible just washing the site well would do? The other thing to try is to use skin lotion on him on a regular basis so his skin stays more hydrated; then perhaps the alcohol won’t cause such a problem.


Try mastisol under the adhesive. Animas may be able to send you an adhesive sample pack that has some to sample.

No. He says it’s just itching around it, but it definitely could be a reaction to the set. So what do I do? We’ve been going through sets like crazy and when I take them out they seem crimped. I’m new to this and not really aware of what all my options are.

How do you clean the site prior to insertion?

I’ll give it a try. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

i’ve been pumping 10 years and only used iv prep once. found it to be unnecessary.
since then i use nothing … not even alcohol. i open the package and simply insert. it’s worked well and i’ve only had one site fall out in that time. in that case the reason was clear – i was reffing a college soccer game and temp in the field was 107 degree. we were all sweating a lot and i made the mistake of having the site in my leg.
other than that, nothing but clear sailing.

107 degrees! I can see why your lost your site. I’ll just start putting them in w/o anything; then I’ll know if it’s the set or the IV prep.

I have the same reaction to IV Prep. The problem went away without using it and I was amazed at how well the sets stick without any assistance.

Like Dave, I don’t clean anything (well I shower almost daily). I just insert the site and it sticks! I love life without IV Prep! ! Hope it works for your son too Jennifer!

My daughter’s diabetes nurse educator and the pump rep both recommended no skin prep/no alcohol and this has worked well. General cleanliness appears to be just fine.

I use an alcohol swab and the inset sticks really well.I have had no problem with infection or anything like that.The say that alcohol swabs don’t clean the site as well as skin preps.Well,I beg to differ.

just use rubbing alcohol.

Try using an IV 3000 underneath it, instead. They are rather large, however. Do you really NEED to use IV PREP? I change my infusion set/site every other day (doctor’s orders.) They always stay on.