J &J covid vaccine

Has anyone on this site taken the J&J covid vaccine?

I was checking info on J&J and found this:

“Pfizer and Moderna both have an efficacy of about 95%, while Johnson & Johnson’s is 66%. All are effective in preventing COVID-19 hospitalization and death,”

Check your local state website for availability and signup.

You really can’t compare them because the Pfizer and moderna were done with only the original,variant where the jnj was done with all the new variants.
There is no way to know how well the Pfizer and moderna would test out right now.
But good news is that all 3 prevent severe infections and not a single vaccine recipient has ended in the hospital. So that’s a really good thing.

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I’m biased against J&J because they build that bad insulin pump. I tend to not trust them. But, they say that nobody has gotten severely ill from covid, even if they contract it, so it might be ok to pull you through the year until booster shot time.

So far, people I know have been able to maneuver around getting J&J. It doesn’t sound so hot to them and they would prefer something else. Not everyone will be able to pull that off. If they offered me J&J, I would prob take it. But, if possible to get an alternative, I would.

Thank you all for replying.

I am more likely to take the J & J one? It is reported that it is stronger against the variants than the others. But that is not why. I have allergies to all sorts of medications and they have put out warnings about Moderna and Pfizer. But the J & J one is more like a regular vaccine and doesn’t seem to cause the same issues and the CDC is “thinking” about recommending you take it instead…

I think that the J&J trial occurred while some of the variants were circulating so there is more information/evidence available about the J&J.

That said, there have been lab studies done with the Brazilian variant that show that the Pfizer vaccine should also be effective.

It’s not real world evidence of course. However, I think it’s important to recognize that the reason we don’t have real world evidence (either positive or negative) is simply because of timing. That doesn’t mean the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines are less effective at neutralizing variants.

I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Monday, and I’m pleased to have gotten that one.

However, I just took the first one offered to me. If J&J had been offered, I would’ve taken that one. Studies have shown that it is less effective at preventing mild illness, but I suspect part of that is just because it is only 1 dose.

I think all of the vaccines will have a booster in a few months to a year to help protect against variants.

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They were mixing dosages in Brittan for a while. One moderna and one Pfizer. I never heard if it was better worse or no difference.

In the UK they were eager just to start giving vaccinations and they didn’t keep track nor did they tell the person which vaccine they got. So they don’t have a clue who got what on a lot of people. I think they then announced they were just going to mix vaccines to what was available.

So you are not likely to get any information on how it worked because they just don’t know if they got different or the same vaccine on the early shots. Now they are telling people what they are getting. I’m not sure if they are still “mixing”.

I don’t believe they had the J & J yet available though.

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Did you notice any symptoms at all? I heard that second dose has more chances of mild symptoms since it’s a booster dose, but wondering what’s the experience in the community.

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My arm was very sore, but I didn’t have any concerning side effects. I would recommend not being vaccinated in your dominant arm.

The soreness was gone about 36 hours afterward. It was the most sore about 8-12 hours after the shot.

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I took the J&J vaccine this past April. No problems. As a matter of fact the vaccine helped with my post covid symptoms. I noticed many of them were minimized post vaccine. The day after I got the vaccine I felt a bit achy and it was gone in one day. I wish the vaccine had been available last year. I had a good experience with the J&J vaccine.

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