Covid Vaccination and Immunosuppressed T1D

Can anyone help?
Studies from Johns Hopkins and NYC Presbyterian/Columbia have determined that immunosuppressed solid organ transplant recipients do not have the same protection after two doses of the Covid 19 vaccine. Organ transplant recipients remain vulnerable to COVID-19 even after second vaccine dose | EurekAlert! Science News
I am a T1D x 52 years who received a kidney from my brother 34 years ago. My health is excellent, my TIR and A1Cs very good and my bloodwork including renal indicators makes me something of a poster child for the transplant clinic.
I have asked my GP, my Endo and the Tx clinic but am unable to get further information about precautionary protocols or antibody testing results and their potential meaning. Does anyone have any ideas or information that could illuminate further?

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I thought there was concern that the immunosuppressive (anti-rejection drugs could interfere with the immune system reacting properly to the vaccine. The trials did not include people taking these drugs. It is just now coming to light. *Transplant patients, “…46 percent had no antibody response after being [fully vaccinated]” with Moderna or Pfizer.

I do not knwo much about transplants. However, there is a broad swath of information about using immunosupressnts. If you are using an immunosupressant medication there may be a problem. If not, you likely have few issues, except all advice i have read is that you should get the vaccine.

I use Rituxan for immune suppressant for RA. I am part of a national study form Hopkins and unfortunate I did not have immunity from the COVID-19 spiked protein. So I am back to square one.

If you are taking an immunosuppressant and it is one of several used in the arthritis community you might like to look in on what the ACR is saying about timing of taking the vaccine and using the suppressants.

here is the link.

I suggest you look in the transplant community and look for you medication to see if your particular medication has recommendations.

Here is one I found:

Many thanks Rick. This has been helpful.

I am on two of the meds that are prescribed for RA: Mycophenolate and Prednisone, although am on lower than normal doses so I hope that might be beneficial.

I have had both doses of the Prizer Covid vaccine so it looks like I need to be tested for antibodies. I live in Canada an so far my medical practitioners seem unwilling to do this. Your links have given me further ammunition so I thank you.



Thank you Luis. Very helpful.

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Hang in there, AuntiFi.

Thanks - will do!

Just heard this on our local news, that a 3rd shot may work.

This is fantastic! Thank you Luis!!

Those who are immunosuppressed, it will be time to get your 3rd shot soon. I have not heard of actual dates but soon I hope.

Does autoimmune diseases included in this booster shot?

I just now read that the FDA has approved a booster shot (Pfizer or Moderna) for those with compromised immune systems or those who are particularly vulnerable (read, over 65 years of age, I think.) I’m pretty sure T1’s will qualify, but not sure about T2’s. Stay tuned!

People with autoimmune diseases are only
“immunosuppressed” if the treatment for their autoimmune disease involves drugs that suppress the immune system (common for things like RA, lupus, others). So for T1 diabetics the answer would be no, unless they have additional autoimmune diseases that require that type of treatment. If anything autoimmune patients without immune suppressant therapy are probably immuno-enhanced… your immune system is on overdrive, which is the problem.

That said, diabetics seem to be vulnerable to poor outcomes with COVID for other reasons, probably in part because COVID can induce DKA-like conditions even in non-diabetic people, so it is hell on us. So I would expect to see recommendations for boosters at some point. And I would expect to see the focus on T2D more than T1Ds, since that’s where the abundance of evidence is for increased vulnerability to COVID.


I am listening to
the news where regular folks are getting the vaccine as well. I do not where or how. My 6mos post 2nd shot will be in early Sept.

Update. I heard on the news MSNBC from the researcher/Doctor
( the one with the bow tie and wiry white hair, forgot his name) that folks are going to vaccination places and lying and saying they never got vaccinated to get the 3rd shot. This is a bad idea because the safety data on the non-immunosuppressed folks has not been completed.

I also have asthma and Hashimoto which doesn’t help. So three autoimmune diseases.

Right but unless you take an immunosuppressant to deal with any of them, I don’t think you are immuno compromised (which is such a vague term as to be not that useful, in how it has been applied in public discourse during the pandemic) per se really, so much as immuno hyperactive. I have multiple autoimmune conditions, and my immune system smacks down viruses better and more efficiently than everyone around me, it just unfortunately also attacks my own body. I’ve heard numerous other folks describe similar. My concern with COVID is less re risk of death and more about the potential for it to trigger further autoimmune problems (which seems to be what long COVID is).

A diabetic with poorly controlled blood sugars though might be immuno compromised if that interferes with immune function though. At that point it gets hard to say.


Thank you!

As a person who had the vaccine and got no immune response as a result taking an immune suppressant, I am thrilled with the pending decision. Lord I hope the third dose works.


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I am on three immunosuppressant drugs because of a kidney transplant. I’ve also had three moderna vaccinations. I’ve talked to six doctors and they’ve all told me that if youre immunosuppressed there is no way of telling how effective the vaccinations have been. LabCorp says the same thing. They tell patients to come in and get a test to see the efficacy of the vaccinations. But with immunosupressed patients they basically say don’t come in because the test will be inconclusive. Very disheartening.

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Vaccines seem to wear off on me.
I needed to get a measles vaccine and chicken pox and polio.
I had no immunity when I was checked.
My immunity from Covid kinda vanished too, but it might be normal.
So I take all the shots available to me. And if it works, we’re all good if not, then at least I did my best.