Mixing vaccines covid

I went ahead and got my booster shot of covid vaccine.
I had spoken to my doctor about mixing it up and she agreed that it might be beneficial and can’t hurt.

So I had Moderna for my first two vaccines and I had Pfizer for this last one.
I thought I got luck in that I had a sore arm and that’s it. But now I’m getting that painful skin thing and severe tiredness like I got with Moderna.
It was just delayed an entire day.

I wonder if anyone else on here had mixed their vaccines and how is it going for you.

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I did the same as you - Moderna for the first two and Pfizer for the second. With Moderna, I had a slight sore arm and a bit of a headache. With Pfizer, a slight sore arm and that was it!

I was 3-for-3 with Pfizer so no “mixing” for me. (Remember when we mixed Regular and NPH? :slight_smile: ).

With the third jab I had a sore arm and a temperature of 101 the next day (although I didn’t feel too bad).

I have seen South African studies saying that mixing up mRNA initial course with a J&J booster have advantages against Omicron but then the very latest news says to stick with mRNA (either Prizer or Moderna) for booster. In any event booster (whatever kind) seems essential! COVID boosters with Pfizer or Moderna are best against omicron: study

Canada has allowed mixing for a while, though whether you have an actual choice depends on the province’s supply on that date. There’s no evidence mixing is a health concern. There are some niceties about which combo gives better protection, but at this stage anything is better than nothing and I wouldn’t put off a jab in order to have a supposed 5% average greater protection.

Mixing shouldn’t matter, but I imagine you might have a different response from one versus the other. Even then, it is not a negative thing, and informally - there are no studies to prove this - a higher systemic response might be better, indicative of a more aggressive immune system action. Separately, I have read getting Moderna for the booster results in a larger immune response for all previous vaccines, including Moderna’s.

I had Moderna for all three, but even for the booster shot, I had some nausea and lethargy. From what I’ve read, Moderna typically has more short-term side effects, possibly attributable to its higher amount of active ingredients. I did toy with the idea of mixing, getting Pfizer for my booster, but then saw the study of boosters, so stuck with Moderna.

Did the same. My husbands oncologist said they were showing this might be beneficial.

… and who knows how much is real:

Placebo effect accounts for more than two-thirds of COVID-19 vaccine adverse events, researchers find | EurekAlert!