Jamie Oliver special/series

Did anyone see the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution special on ABC last night? (Friday)? It was great. Jamie a chef from England has gone into the town in the US that has proven to be the most obese community in the country. He is attemping to bring healthy foods to the lunch program in their elem school. I about cried the first time I saw it, and the second time, was ready to put on the boxing gloves with the Kitchen Staff ladies, the school nutrition lady and the principal. OMG that food is CRAP as Jamie stated. All pre-fried and then backed, no or few vegies and sugar filled milk.

At one point he “adopted” a family who definitely had weight problems, took them to the doc for a checkup and sure enough the doc discovered a pre-diabetic condition in one of the kids…very eye opening to the family. So now Jamie has them on a healthier diet, and lots of exercise. Score one for the anti “D” team.

Another revolution/revelation…he went into a classroom with vegetables, and not one child could identify what vegetable he was showing them from peas to cauliflower and beyond. The classroom teachers took it on themselves to educate the kids and by the end of the program, they knew their vegies. YIPEE.

This is a great show, and depicts exactly what is going on in most of America’s schools as far as lunch and teaching our kids healthy eating habits that could very well save them from “D”.

Watch next week, check your paper for times and showings…it’s great.