Janumet and Inflammation

I’m new here. I had GDM with both of my pregnancies (17-20 years ago), which were diagnosed before 18 weeks and severe enough to require insulin. I’ve been borderline since, and having ignored my health for the past few years (and hating my GP) I found myself not feeling well after cortisone shots in 2 of 4 bulging discs to treat for radiculopathy in my knee and foot. The cortisone had shot my fasting BS to 200+ and my after meal to 300+. Unfortunately, it appears I can’t just blame the cortisone as my A1C was 9.8, having been 6.8 (and left untreated) 2 years ago.

My GP threw Janumet samples at me and said “see you in a month”. Obviously, I am in the process of getting a new GP, but won’t be able to get in for another 5 weeks. After finally locating an endo in my area (it appears they are few and far between around here) I will be seeing him in a week.

In the meantime, I have a question regarding the Janumet. Does it have any impact on inflammation? I have had chronic pain issues off and on my entire life. I have been taking low dose Ultram/Tramadol(50 mg, twice a day) for the radiculopathy since late February and have had absolutely no pain. A week into the Janumet (only one pill daily, just upping to twice since yesterday) I find the nerve pain creeping back. I really don’t want to increase my Ultram dosage, but pain is also an eating trigger for me. Even my family has noticed a marked improvement in my mood and physical abilities since taking the Ultram and I hate to think that the Janumet is working against that.

Any thoughts or experiences?

I found this on Jenny’s Blood Sugar 101 site. She believes that the Januvia part of Janumet is the culprit in inflammation. Hope this helps


Thank you, Jeannie! (And Jenny, too!)

I always go with my gut. If you are experiencing side effects they are usually real, no matter what the doctor says.