Jb reporting on events

Sorry for being away so much. I have a good reason though. The month of May gives us nothing but disasters. First that car accident (Losing my car there.) Then Johanna had a fall on the stone kitchen floor, damaging her spine and hitting her head against the fridge. She is mainly in bed on heavy pain killers. Doctor estimates it takes 3 months to recover. I now do everything in the house. It very much tires me out. I’m not happy…
Hoping for better days soon. Just to let you know I’m still around and will return. ( wasn’t there a general who said that also?) I’m the general here now. My cooking gets a bit different from before… Johanna says hello to you all!. So do I ! Of course my diabetes is gone crazy, high ups and very low downs. I worry of course. Thanks for reading this less optimistic report.


Sorry about the series of disasters, but what an opportunity to improve your cooking skills!!! Hope Johanna recovers soon.

Thank you PP, I’m cooking up a storm, should try some food as wel…LOL. Your words are really appreciated at this time. We are in trouble but will get back again soon I hope.


Sorry you’ve had such a month going on. Tell her “Hi” from me. I hope she gets better soon. On the diabetes front all I can say is hang in there. At your service General JB.

Well at least it’s almost June. Hope things settle down for the two of you and June will bring better health, lots of sunshine, and great blood sugars. Take care.

Give Johanna our love and special hugs. Pain is no good.
Jon Ben, how about reading her some of your hilarious pen bursts from this site so she can have some belly laughs. I know she may not feel like laughing, especially with your cooking, but laughs are good for the brain. Then they can travel down the spine and hit the pain.
And again, give Johanna our love. We really feel for you both.

Thanks to all of you!

Johanna and John (JB)

So sorry to hear about your string of bad luck. I hope your wife feels better soon, then you can think about opening a restaurant. LOL