JDRF Walk Boston 2014

I'm very excited to be participating in this year's JDRF Walk here in Boston!!! I've joined a team from Diabetes Sisters. I have found a Boston branch of the group of Diabetes Sisters & we're walking together. I'm excited to be a part of it this year!

Speaking of Diabetes Sisters, when I found them on Glu, I was interested in joining a Boston chapter if there was one. Low and behold, there is and not only that but the meet in my home town! I had to go and meet all the girls that are already a part of the group. For anyone in the Boston and surrounding communities, we meet the third Wednesday of every month at the Braintree Panera.

The women are lovely and we all have T1D, which is purely by coincidence. My first evening at a meeting, I immediately found my place in the group and fit right in. I'm the T1D newbie in the group and, not surprisingly for anyone that knows me, I asked all those burning questions only another PWD can understand, like "Is it normal to constantly be thinking of carbs?". I received some sage advice from these girls that I really needed to hear. I just hope one day, I can be the one helping someone new to this game. I've gone to two meeting so far and I'm loving it!! it's really great to be around people who get it!!

We got our T-shirts last week for the JDRF walk this Saturday which made it more real that I'm going to be participating. I hate to admit that I'm a little nervous about the walk, particularly finding everyone at the Hatchshell in Boston!! If what I'm hearing is correct, there will be thousands of walkers & I'm fearful, I'll never find the members of my support group and Diabetes Sisters in general. I have an email out to our fearless leader to find out where we're supposed to meet. I shouldn't be nervous though. If Saturday is anything like the people on the DOC, I'll meet more friends I never knew before just by being there! Wish me luck on my first walk. I'll write a post summarizing the day next week.

T2D Update:

My friend with T2D has been started on twice a day metformin instead of just once a day and it seems to be working a decent bit, although, he hasn't continued to check postprandial BG's. I've asked him to pick a meal and to check pre and post meal BG so we can see if the metformin is making a difference there.

Also, my endo's office sponsors a class for t2D that is run similar to a board game to keep the participants interest and to keep them engaged. Sounds like fun to me. If this class is anything like the T1D class I went to there, it will be awesome! I called my CDE and asked her if my friend and I could attend. Of course, I would be there as his support person. Plus, with these things, it's better to bring a friend because between the two of us maybe we'll pick up on things the other didn't catch. So, I got the go ahead for us to participate, although, I have to mention, his PCP was less than enthusiastic. This doc told him that the classes would just confuse him, so he would prefer my friend not go. Luckily, my friend told his PCP that the class is an ADA certified self management course & that he's taking part to expand his knowledge, thereby increasing the likelihood he'll be more successful in his diabetes management. My friend is an intelligent guy. If something is confusing, we can ask for clarification from the presenters. DUH!!!! His PCP relented and wrote the referral. Although, he did so begrudgingly, saying, if you'd just lose the weight you wouldn't need the classes. My opinion is whether he losses the weight or not, he's still a T2D, so he'd be smart to learn as much as possible about the disease and it will make it easier for him to keep the weight off when he does lose it by having learned better portion control and other management tactics. Stay tunes for the continuing saga!!

Check! Don't Guess!!

That is so great that you have a support group in your area for type 1, there is really NOTHING in my area, I went to a general diabetes support group meeting in June and I was the ONLY one there, neither of the ladies organizing it had D and the woman running it, although she was very nice, said that she was scared to see me do my finger stick!!! LOL Ok, now can you tell me how someone who is scared to see someone do a finger stick can head a diabetes support group????

That is great you're participating in the walk, I may try that eventually too but I think it is too late for this year. I'm sure it will go just fine and you will find your friends!

I think your friend should find a new pcp because his doctors sounds like a terrible doctor to me.

Meee, I'm sorry there isn't a T1D support group in ur area but if I hadn't found one I was going to start one. I think support groups are invaluable. I've only been to 2 meeetings so far but the unconditional love and support I get from the other members, helps me know I'm not alone in this daily guessing game!! Maybe you could start one in ur area, if ur so inclined.

The support group u went to doesn't sound very supportive if they can't stomach seeing a finger stick!!

I agree that my friend needs to find a new PCP but also an new endo. Neither one are very support of his efforts to keep his BG in check. He's testing a couple of times everyday to evaluate the performance of the metformin, but his doc thinks it's not necessary to test more than a couple of times a week, or in his words, "Whenever". I'm hoping to open my friends eyes so he can see that they are not putting his needs first. Maybe having him take the T2D course at my endo's, he'll see how well the office is run and how dedicated all of the staff is. Maybe that will be enough for him to make a switch from his useless endo to my endo's office. He wouldn't get my endo cuz he specializes in post-pancreatectomy, surgical diabetes, but anyone of the docs in this office are very good and take judgement and blame towards the patient out of the picture.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post! I appreciate it!!

Hi Sandy, Hopefully I will find one eventually, or maybe I will do the jdrf mentor program. Your friend is very lucky to have you! I think switching endos sounds like a great idea. Thanks for sharing :-)