Jelly Bean Queen

Hey there. I’ve been diabetic for 33 years and am so excited to find this site. I’ve always been an active person who has exercised and tried to maintain good diabetese control. I’m a third grade teacher and have loved teaching for 23 years. Unfortunately, my students have learned far more about diabetes than third graders need to know. After getting a $1600 EMS bill for 2008, I’ve been working hard to get inusrance approval for an OmniPod, insulin management system for active diabetics. My A1cs are always in a respectable range, but I have had a history of hypoglycemia for no apparent reason. I wake up at 2:00 AM each morning to check my BS, blood sugar, as well as check it close to 20 times or more each day depending on circumstances and activity level.

I’ve always run 5Ks and 10Ks, but ran my first, and last, marathon in Kona, Hawaii on the Iron Man Triathalon Course for the ADA. My newest adventure is a cycling event, the MS 150, where I’ll ride from Houston to Austin, TX in Aprill 2009. I’m a total cycling novice so it should be interesting, especially in the hill country. I’m hoping to have my OmniPod in place with all of the kinks worked out by then, but we’ll see…

I’ve acquired an aka “Jelly Bean Queen” nick name around my home town from our local EMS department. I always carry a metal can of jelly beans, Hot Tamales or something of the like in my purse for low BS incidents. A friend came over to help me once and “jelly beaned me” being unaware that I was to the point where I couldn’t chew or swallow thus mounting up jelly beans by the handful that couldn’t be a good resource to raise my BS. Hence the nickname. So if you’re in the Houston area, look up the Jelly Bean Queen.

that’s phenomenal Dana, it really makes me happy to see long term diabetics in such good control, it goes to show that with a positive attitude you really can control this disease and live normally as possible. i’m also training for my first triathlon marathon in july with a former non-diabetic friend, i’m so excited for the challenge, i really want to prove that i’m just as capable as anyone else

Thanks for your comment, Jill. Oh, I’m so excited for you! Completing the marathon is one my most cherished accomplishments. Please let me know how your triathalon goes. That’s always something that I’ve wanted to try! I’ll be excited to hear from you. As you know, the training is the most important part. There are awesome websites and books to lead you to the right type of training. Where is the triathalon taking place? You are far more capable than anyone else because you’ve got two challenges to look forward to accomplishing! A great trick I learned from the ADA was to have Fig Newtons at the rest stops for low BSs. They raise and sustain the BS…that would be blood sugar. :slight_smile: