i’m feeling kind of nervous now. it’s 11pm here and i think i should try to get some sleep soon coz it’s my first day back at uni tomorrow.

while i’m awfully pleased with my timetable (three days of classes per week) and the classes i’ve chosen to take, i’m feeling pretty nervous about managing my diabetes and juggling that with the stress that school brings me, what with projects, lectures and assignments.

i’m told that stress is what partly helped my sugars to rise to a massive 41mmol reading when i was rushed into emergency three months ago. right now, all those horrible thoughts are running through my mind. i’ve had fantastic control for the last three months and my A1C was great at my last endo visit. i really hope to maintain that, or lower it, if that’s possible.

i’m a really high-strung person with a bit of a type A personality streak and so managing my stress levels is gonna be an enormous challenge for me. it actually feels pretty impossible. stubborn old me would just say that i can’t change my character!

i think that maybe i should go get ready for bed because i’ve got to be up early tomorrow to get myself to uni, and at the same time, pray for some really sweet dreams. that would help.


Hope your first day back went well. You are in my prayers. :slight_smile:


Good luck, Daena. Remember what I told you before about letting your professors know. Also, I know it’s really easy to let things slip, what with school and work and all, but believe me, the two minutes you save my eating this instead of that or whatever isn’t worth it. take time to take care of yourself first. Besides that, just relax, and I hope it’s a good day.