Joslin Appointment - Is it Time for a New Endo?

I wasn’t crazy at the idea of starting to see my endocrinologist at the Joslin Center again. However, I never expected to leave the office feeling as discouraged as I did… Read “Time for a New Endo?”

Dont take that crap personally. Her job is to make you do better. She may have been in a room with another patient who just went into kindney failure or her mom may have died. If your diabetes is doing poorly and she cant help you improve it, then move on. If they say it may take up to 2 weeks for a refill, be prepared for that.

I would hardly say my diabetes is doing poorly. That’s part of the issue. I have managed to stabilize my blood sugars through a low carb diet, yet she only offered words of discouragement for continuing such a diet. And it doesn’t matter if she just had a patient who went into kidney failure or another who jumped out the window while she was on duty, it’s her job as a doctor to treat each patient to the best of her ability. There are not-so-great doctors just like there are not-so-great teachers, lawyers and members of every other profession. We can’t assume they’re always right. Sure, I could have walked out of there, quit the diet simply because in her opinion she didn’t think people could stick to such a diet, and went back to having a lot more swings in my blood sugar levels. Or, I could do what is recommended by other doctors and what has worked for a doctor who is type 1 himself (referring to the majority of the diet guidelines in Dr. Bernstein’s book). As far as the refills go, I’ll give you that. Even though 2 weeks is a little ridiculous (and as I stated in my blog, it once took more than two weeks), I could have done a better job at checking 2 weeks in advance at what supplies I had 0 refills for that would need to be renewed by the doctor. However, I’ve never encountered this with other doctors, specifically because they’re at the office more than one day a week. I would also like to think that with all the money I pay the doctor (both through insurance and from my own pocket), being more on top of refill requests shouldn’t be expecting too much. All that it would really take is her calling Joslin to approve the refill requests that have been piling up.