Joslin Medalist Program, New Overview

There is a new overview of the Joslin Medalist Program on the Sanofi’s Discuss Diabetes site. It is very well written. Here is the link:

Great article! Thanks for sharing.

Hey Richard: :)

Thank you! I enjoyed reading this. For sure, Type 2's should receive a 50 year Medal also. Odd that they didn't think of that before. I wonder how many there are. That would be interesting to know. It is too bad that they got rid of the 25 year medal though.

Glad to see that you are still keeping up Richard. :)

it is always nice to see you richard :)

Terri, I was also pleased that T2Ds are being considered for medals. The 25 year medal was abandoned because T1Ds living for that long after diagnosis was so commonplace. The number receiving the 50 year medals also becoming very common, and that medal might be abandoned too in the not so distant future. I will be eligible for the 75 year medal in 2020. I think Shoshana already has that one.

Hi Shoshana, it is nice seeing you too!

i have 2 medals
1 from joselin the other from lily
75 year medals

Happy to hear that, Shoshana. I have both 50 year medals, and am looking forward to the 75 year medals...just 7 more years for me. Seven more years seems kinda scary though when you are older. I always wonder if I will make it that long. Did some snow shoveling today, just 15 minutes, but there is some aching in my chest. Probably some muscle strain, buy you never know.

I received my 50 year medal late in 2013. No one (family..or friends) really understood how important it was for me to get it. Somehow it was imperative to be recognized for my success over all the struggles. Those struggles continues daily and it wears me down. But doing it for so long, and because Joslin cared enough to recognize it, I hold on.

Spock, I know exactly how you feel. If you are on Facebook, there is a group called "The Joslin Medalists" there. It is really cool to talk to fellow medalists in that group. It is a "secret" group. If you want in, let me know and I will give you the steps involved.

MegaMinx, you could join the group next year when you have your medal.