Missing Our Dear Friend

January will mark three years since we lost our beloved Barbara (jrtpup). For those who knew her, the pain is perhaps dulled but still there. For those who did not, a sizable part of the credit for what you love about this community belongs to her.

Both before and during her tenure as an administrator, she was one of the most involved and giving members of the community. She had a gift for nurturing those who desperately needed a friendly voice, and an equally sharp protective instinct for the values of the community. I could go on at enormous length but . . . let’s leave it here: there was and is no one like her and her absence leaves a hole that will always be there.

Shalom my dear friend.


Thank you for sharing this @David_dns. :cherry_blossom:


Well today was her birthday. Lots of folks here called her “Mom”. we sure had a lot of fun in the chat room with her.

@jrtpup we love you.


In addition to her help and advice she also contributed to tuD’s sense of community by talking about things other that diabetes. I fondly remember our Saturday morning discussions on chat of smoked meat recipes and techniques.

She was one of a kind, just an all around good person.




Today is indeed her birthday. She was 39 days younger than me . . . as she never, ever, once failed to remind me. :laughing:


@MarieB…I called her my Auntie, which is Global term of respect…We had a number of PM exchanges about Life, the Universe and Everything, including when I was troubled by TuD members that I thought were not an open-hearted part of our TuD family—how to handle them, to ease their self-destructive online behavior that had begun to impact our newbies, in particular…

Oh my yes, I miss her. A benevolent, comforting, world-changing member for life AND beyond, obviously…

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to cherish our memories of her!..Love to all…xx000


@jrtpup always called me young pup,
I defiantly miss her as much as anyone else,
not a day goes by without some thought of all the great souls we have lost.