Judith's Terrible, Horrible, Very Most Awful Evening

So I took a tumble 10/17 and broke my femur–which is one honking big bone, let me assure you! Midnight ambulance, surgery, recovery and on to a rehab facility for lots of physical therapy. So far, I can get in and out of bed to a walker and then a wheelchair. I can do tiny “pivoty” steps to achieve these tasks. Over the course of several days, I have been able to put a little weight on the leg to actually walk a total of 24 steps—leaning heavily on walker!

The menu here is amazingly varied, but way too high carb. I have found a great young ally in the kitchen, though. She seems to actually worry for me when I can’t eat anything on the tray. So she is adorable trying to figure it out. Don’t worry, though, I have various Atkins things with me, and my 4-carb pitas. Plus, we can keep blueberries and cream in their fridge (my safest/favorite berry).

A question for TuD Oldtimers: Can anyone help me find a wonderful female member from England who was a scientist, I think, and used to make some of the very best science based arguments for low/no carb. I think her hubby was a T2 with/or on the verge of complications? I want to review her arguments in case I need them in this potentially hostile environment. I think our forum entries would have been early years—2008/9 or so…

Oh—BTW…The reason for the tumble? My blood pressure was running low! Astonishing to me—as some of you know, my struggle has always been in the other direction! I had had my usual glass of wine for dinner (mistake #1) and decided to wash my hair in the sink. Threw my head forward to gather hair in sink—and down I went, like a Redwood----thunk!..Onward!


Judith, I’m not sure “like” is the correct response to your post, but I like the fact that you are getting better, although gradually. When I was hospitalized, I found I liked Boost, an energy drink. Heal quickly!

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I do believe about the low blood pressure. I swear I broke my ankle twice as a result of low BP. Watch your medication (my low BP was caused by medication) many blessings and good health to you, Judith.

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Get well soon, Judith, hope you heal quickly. I don’t remember the scientist you mention, but would not Dr. Bernstein be an aid in times of need.


I’m sorry to hear about your fall. I don’t really remember anyone who fit’s your description from 2008/2009. @Jenny used to be very active and always kept up on the research, but she isn’t active much in forums anymore and has spent more her time on books and things. The was an English doctor Katharine Morrison who was an early low carb advocate, but she was active in the 2005-2010 time frame in the Bernstein forum, not really here. She does have a recent book out with Emma Baird called the “The Diabetes Diet”, and she maintains a three part course called “D-Solve” and blogs.

Get well soon!


I’m sorry about your fall. :frowning:

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I’m drawing a blank too…

so sorry to hear about this! sending you some comforting and healing thoughts

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@Judith_in_Portland so sorry to hear of your tumble.

I remember the lady you are talking about. She was Czech and had a Doctorate in biochemistry if I recall. She spent most of her career teaching in England, and her husband also had T2. She gave the high carb dieticians with the national health service fits because of her scientific background. My recollection is that her name was Hannah although I’m not sure it was her screen name. Perhaps these details will jog someone’s memory.

Since I adopted LCHF I have dreaded a hospital stay. Well a year and a half ago I spent 4 days in the hospital. The dietician didn’t bat and eye when I said I didn’t eat grain, I guess because so many people are gluten-free these days.

I said I ate kinda like Atkins. That was a mistake since she said “oh you eat a lot of meat.” We finally settled on replacing the starch in a meal with another non starchy vegitable side. When all else failed I went with a chef salad.

Hope this helps, and let us know how you are doing.

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That helps a LOT and sounds spot on, including Hannah, I think. Also the Czech/England/biochemistry…I, too, am hopeful this all will jog a memory. I wonder if Manny might remember–we were still pretty small back then…Thanks muchly!

@Judith_in_Portland believe it was @Hana_Rous. I remembered she was an active participant in the old Bernstein group so I looked there and there she was in the first post I looked at.

Hard to say how many of her posts made it to the new platform. Her profile says last post in 2010 but the post i found was from 2012.

I believe she was also active over at Diabetes Daily. You might look there also.

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I remember Hannah. She may no longer be active.

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That’s IT, Sir Moon. Thank you. Shall pursue tomorrow. My nurses are giving me the evil eye about getting off the computer…Thanks!

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So sorry to hear about your fall Judith. That’s awful. I hope your recovering ok and taking it easy. I hope you or your Doc will review the bp meds. I hope you don’t have to fight about your diet.

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Hi Judith,

So sorry about your fall and broken bone. :frowning: Sending lots of healing thoughts!


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Wishing you a fast and easy recovery~~~~~~~*

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Here’s to a speedy recuperation!

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Sorry to read about your fall. A fellow Portlander wishes you the best for a quick recuperation!

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Well—Home on Monday, for better or worse. Weeks of physical therapy to come. The first couple weeks they will come to the house, which is nice. Kinda scary, overall…But onward is all we can do!..Blessings all…Judith


If anyone can handle this it is you @Judith_in_Portland. Get well soon!

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