Julian Bakery Paleo

Has anyone had experiences with Julian Bakery http://www.julianbakery.com/

products? The Paleo Almond Bread and Paleo Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Choco Perfection Raspberry Chocolate.

The GG crispbreads don't really taste good. I find it slightly inflammatory and made the inside of my mouth slightly tender.

I have not tried them but they have gotten a terrible reputation in the low carb community for being a scam. You can read some of the evidence yourself and decide.

I was thinking of trying them but I haven't yet. I tried Ezekial breads but they also seem to spike me most of the time. I think it is the wheat maybe, I'm not sure but I have some type of reaction to wheat/gluten most of the time. I'm trying a gluten free approach to see if it helps me.

Me too! Whole wheat bread, (whole wheat pasta, brown rice, supposedly less refined) dont' seem to be better than the non whole wheat counterpart

I haven't tried gluten free breads yet because they're so high carb but I have tried some gluten free crackers. I don't think it made any difference though, sometimes they seem to spike me and sometimes not, since they weren't the only carbs I had I'm not sure.