Just a Day at the Fair


Me now (8:40p)

"Welcome" if you are new. "Welcome back" if you are back for another round. Actually this is going to be really brief and rather bland. That is a good thing. Every so often it's nice to have a medically uneventful day.
It's been a good day over all. A little rough in the early morning, 130's at 3am, uncomfortable but not too bad. Certainly could have been a lot worse. A headache came with the slight high, but wasn't so bad that I couldn't get back to sleep after bolusing.
My family (my Husband, Mother In-Law, Son and myself) met up and headed out this morning to the local county fair :). Every year is a new adventure with my little boy. Being 2 he didn't seem to recall much from the year before. Last year he had potato pancakes w/ applesauce and attempted to go on some kiddy rides (he has always been very long/tall and so could attempt simple rides at 1 year old).
My son had a good time last year, but was absolutely THRILLED this year. He loved meeting the cows and pigs. He got to check out the large tractors. I got a few nice photos of him on them. He rode the Quadzilla (the world's tamest "rollercoasts" designed for tots/preschool) and the Little Train. He really seemed to enjoy both. For lunch he snacked of bits of my husband's, Brad, and my lunch. Lots of chicken, some cheese, wrap and bread pieces. What got the biggest grins and chuckles was the 4-H milk shake earlier in the morning and the cottncandy after lunch. He learned the names of those two items really quick. Being that I am a T1 and my husband is a pre-diabetic we really try to not have really sweet stuff around the house. It made me smile that this experience was so special for him. Being a kid is not about eating candy everyday. It is about experiencing the day to day with natural enthusiasm and being fully able to celebrate special occasions. By truly celebrate I don't mean that my 2 year old ate the entire bag of cottoncandy. He got to have some small pieces, but fully appreciated the food/the rides/ the tents and showed abundant joy. We now have a bag of cottoncandy hidden in the kitchen. I am not worried about that. Pure sugar is not a draw for me... I did have a sip of the milk shake though! We had bought one and split it, unequally, three ways.
I managed to work everything out well. My blood sugars stayed in the 90s for the most part during the fair, except for one point where it hit 60. Afterwards the fair it went into the 140s, probably due to the fat in my few sips of milk shake and the cheese in my chicken fajita. I was low pre-dinner, 39 and in the 140's afterward. While the swings were still there they were very slight compared to how they usually are. Every so often there is a diamond day in the rough that makes me feel that I can almost actually handle this condition. It feels good. Like I could climb a mountain... or finally fall to sleep without fear.
In other news Brad and I are trying to cut back on the cost of groceries. Anyone out there have any tips for cutting back on grocery cost and still keeping food healthy? I think I have a good plan in place: make snacky foods (except for popcorn) for parties only, buy low fat freezable foods (meats, cheeses, breads) in bulk
, don't buy for packaging. It doesn't take THAT much time to buy a large container of yogurt and portion it out in smaller containers. There are others that I wrote down so I won't forget them. We can do it!
That was my day! Wish us good luck on the groceries.
I wish you all wealth, health, and in the very least a great night's sleep.


130? 140? Problems? This cannot be true. I have lived decades in the glucose stratosphere and 130, 140 is a non-event. Cut yourself some slack. Enjoy your family and bless you. If you want to get down to the nitty gritty, do the cgms shuffle. I am in the honeymoon phase of my Dexcom but it is going to be a life changing relationship. 130, 140 AVERAGES are in my future. 6.? A1Cs are in my future. Book it and best of luck.