Just a general survey

type of diabetes:
how do you manage it?:
School you attend:
career goals:
expected date of graduation:
one tip that has helped you deal with diabetes in college:

ok, my turn.
Name: Sarah
age: 21
type of diabetes: Type 1
how do you manage it?: Pump, exercise, and diet
School you attend: Wayne State University, detroit, mi
Major: Anthropology
Minor: criminal justice
career goals: Forensic/physical anthropologist
expected date of graduation: may 2008
one tip that has helped you deal with diabetes in college: exercise is a great stress reliever!

Name: Daena
age: 20 (as of next week)
type of diabetes: still unclear.
how do you manage it?: shots, diet, exercise
School you attend: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Major: Communication Studies (planned emphasis on journalism or public relations)
career goals: either to enter journalism or PR. quite torn here…
expected date of graduation: July 2010
one tip that has helped you deal with diabetes in college: exercising to relieve stress, and making sure i don’t get too stressed out in the first place!

Welcome Daena! You are right, its all about preventative medicine and making sure you dont get too stressed is the most important part!

Name: Doris
Age: Do I have to admit to it! HA! 44.
Type of Diabetes: Type 1
How do I manage it: Pump, diet and exercise
School where I attended: University of TN at Martin
Major: Phylogy
Minor: Social Worker
Career Goals: To become a phyertrist (ok can’t spell it but hope you got the general idea)
Date of Graduation: Was suppost to have been in 84 but didn’t make it that far.
One tip that helped me a lot was exercise. Walking all the way across campus and taking the stairs. Oh another was getting in a hot sauna to relive the stress of the day.

Welcome Doris!

Your tips are priceless. I actually pay for a gym membership instead of using the one at school included in my tuition because A) the school gym isnt open 24/7 like mine is, and B) the SAUNA!

PS- I opened this group up to those with stressful careers too, so non-students with good tips can come in here and chat!

Name: Chuck Lin
age: 35!
type of diabetes: 1
how do you manage it?: shots
School you attend: William Paterson University
Major: MBA
career goals: retirement
expected date of graduation: 2009 if I’m lucky
one tip that has helped you deal with diabetes in college: I was diagnosed 1 week before my accounting final exam. I wish I have some good tips.

Geez, I feel too old to be in this group! Although I am a student, I work full time and basically am a huge slacker when it comes to school. I rarely hand homework in on time.

Hi chuck! welcome to the group!

Hopefully you can pick up some tips here that can help you out a bit. Dont worry about how old you are, at this rate, i plan on being in college forever and becoming a professor!

hahaha retirement. i suppose i might look forward to that in say 10 years?

I work at a college (Manny does too), we may be helpful as far as advice dealing with professors or other situations that come up in the college environment. Plus - it hasn’t been all that long since I have been out of school - finished my master’s in 2005.

Welcome Sara! Thanks for joinging. Im sure working at a college can have its stressful moments too right? ; )

Name: Kristofer (just Kris is fine)
age: 19
type of diabetes: Type 1
how do you manage it?: Shots, diet, exercise.
School you attend: Florida International University
Major: Not sure. English is a maybe. Interesting and lots of possibilities.
Minor: No idea.
career goals:No clear plans here. There’s lots of things I can do, so as long as I’m happy and I can pay the bills I’m good. That’s one reason why I’m leaning towards English. I can do a lot with that degree.
expected date of graduation: Assuming all goes smoothly, sometime in 2010.
one tip that has helped you deal with diabetes in college: Eat well. The easiest thing s to grab a slice of pizza and go. That’s all well and good from time to time, but the extra 5 minutes you spend in line at Subway will do you better, both in the long and short run.

Name: Dan
age: 25
type of diabetes: Type 1
how do you manage it?: Pump
School you attend: Texas A&M University
Major: Industrial Distribution
Minor: Does work count as credit hours towards a minor?
career goals: Anything but computers. I will probably go into product logistics or upper management. The degree is kinda a cross between buisness and engineering, so anything is possible.
expected date of graduation: Someday, but I think I have about 1.5 years left for undergrad, and I have to get a masters since my wife is getting a phd.
one tip that has helped you deal with diabetes in college: I honestly don’t find it any different, as I was only diagnosed 2.5 years ago. Main thing is just stay on top of it I guess. Don’t get lazy at all. That means checking your b/s at a party in front of that cute insert what you are interested in here if you have to. If they run off, it was for the best anyway.

Welcome Kris!

this is what i do if im really craving pizza…grab a pita, put sause and cheese and salami on it, and pop it in the microwave…a lot healthier and you can control what goes on it.

might help out pizza cravings

Welcome Dan!

Ive been to a few parties and tested in front of everyone…they thought it was a cool game or something, thats when you know people are wasted :wink:

Welcome Amy!

have you tried taking what you need to read for your research to the gym with you? I just wrote my final paper for my anthropology capstone class (whoo hoo) and i ended up on the treadmill, stepper, eliptical and bike with articles i had to read, highlighter in hand.

might help with the time management

Name: Linda
age: 21
type of diabetes: Type 1
how do you manage it?: Shots and Diet
School you attend: International College of Creative Arts, Sydney Australia
Major: Photography
career goals: Documentary/ Reportage Photographer
expected date of graduation: 2008
one tip that has helped you deal with diabetes in college: I have only had diabetes for 2/ 3 months so i’m not too sure yet! Just chill out and don’t stress. Whatever your worried about, exam, work, whatever, it’s not the end of the world.

Welcome to the group linda!

Name: Stacie
age: 25
type of diabetes: type 1
how do you manage it?: pump
School you attend: Tarleton and CTC
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Deaf Ed. and PE
career goals: I want to be a teacher! =o)
expected date of graduation: um… maybe 2009
one tip that has helped you deal with diabetes in college: Everyone else has already said “exercise,” so I will say… find out where the bathrooms and vending machines are located in your building. =o)

Welcome Stacie! and you tip is awesome, i forgot about that!

Name: Jennifer
Age: 25
Type of diabetes: Type 1
How do you manage it?: Insulin pump (only been pumping seven months)
School you attend: Simon Fraser University (in Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Major: English (for my B.A.) and elementary education (for my B.Ed.)
Minor: Learning disabilities
Career goals: Teaching … which I’m already doing. :smiley:
Expected date of graduation: I graduated with my B.A. in June 2005 and then with my B.Ed. in December 2006, so I am less than a year out of school. I am applying for graduate school and if I am accepted will be starting my M.A. in September 2008, doing the program part-time while working. Right now I’m working as a teacher which could definitely be classified as a stressful, as well as unpredictable schedule-wise, career!
One tip that has helped you deal with diabetes in college: Do not get stressed out with highs and lows and not being able to maintain perfectly tight control … I think college is probably the hardest time ever to maintain any type of control! I was still using NPH through most of college and Lantus (and now the pump) made an amazing difference, so if you aren’t using basal/bolus already definitely look into it.