Just a question about lows and dreams

I have noticed a trend. When I start to go low, I start having thoughts that are like super munches. All I am thinking is how some kind of food would taste, SO GOOD. Also when I fall while I sleep I always wake up because I was dreaming I am so hungry, running to stores and such and they are closed. Does diabetes cause weird dreams?? The only other dream I remember was just before I was dx’ed (dehydrated) I was in a school, long halls running from drink fountain to drinking fountain and they were all broken and being so thirsty all I needed was just one sip.LOL

Well there is good if we look, if diabetes gives entertaining dreams OK

I used to always, ALWAYS dream of food if I had a hypo during the night. They would always be dreams where I would be surrounded by food and trying to eat it but could never taste it…then I’d wake up craving some random food (like mashed potato with baked beans…) and be convinced that unless I ate that particular food, I would be hungry forever. It’s weird what low blood sugar does to you. In the weeks before my diabetes was diagnosed I’ve been told by my parents that I used to sleepwalk every night…I’d drink glasses of water without remembering it, and then for some reason I’d open all the curtains and turn on the lights. I have absolutely no memory of this!

I have a really frightening recurring dream about my teeth falling out but I’m not sure if that’s fuelled by diabetes or by some underlying fear of the dentist, lol…

Weird dreams are the surest sign I am having an overnight low. The best way to describe mine are like an infinite loop in a computer or a maze without end. I keep peeling back layers or going around a track until I startle awake. Sometimes, the dream tells me I am low and I need to get up and solve the problem and I start to, but I am never sure that I have really awakened and am treating myself (I could still be in the infinite loop) until my BG is actually back in a normal range.

i really have never had alot of dreams, sometimes years between a dreams that i remember…that has been for my whole life, before and after dx. often my dreams that i remember are just information… like i am downloading or something… odd. when i am low though, i will have a tremendous sense of irony that often carries over to my thoughts at night.

I will have bad dreams if my BG drops while I’m asleep. Nothing particular, Just bad dreams. Although they usually end with me falling down a dark hole for a long time.

Agreed. I have incredibly weird dreams when I’m low, and, like Rainbow, they’re often paranoid. I have woken up so many times certain my alarm clock was a bomb that I needed to defuse in a certain way (usually after watching some action movie the night before).