Diabetes and Dreams

Every night when I go to sleep, I have a built in blood sugar monitor in my sleep, so to speak. I dream about what my blood sugar is. If it drops toward morning, I dream about low blood sugar things, like someone offering me food or even me checking my sugar on a monitor. If it gets high, conversely I dream about high blood sugar things. Typically picturing a blood sugar monitor happens.And with this, I tend to wake up a bit early and go ahead and check my sugar in real life. Does anything like this happen to you ?


no, but i do have dreams about low blood sugar, and trying to get to the sugar but i cant and someone being in the next room and im trying to get their attention but i cant talk, it terrible.
one time i had a dream that my mother wouldnt let me out of the basement until i ate this cereal, and i was like, i cant eat this cereal, and she was like, well then you cant come upstairs!
dreams are really freaky.:grin:


I had a dream during an early morning low:
I ate half a big tub of chocolate ice cream!

I woke up and checked BG: 59

I haven’t had a single bite of ice cream for 8 months!

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Sounds like your REM sleep stage functions as a built-in CGM!

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Not 100% reliable, alas, but yes, definitely.

I do have some but I can’t remember any of them now… mostly I dream other weird things while bg does various things. I dreamed my ex had a twin and they were both serial killers or something like that :laughing: :smile_cat: My best recent dreams have been of my Wiz who passed but I’ve only had two so far, too bad. I have to write them all down because I have trouble remembering most of my dreams after a few hours.

@pancreaswanted I have dreams where I can’t get someone’s attention too!!! The dreams aren’t diabetic related but death related, I think. A very, very close friend (boyfriend) of mine passed away in a car accident 21 years ago. It was very heavy for me and ever since I’ve had repeated dreams where I’m in a crowd and I see him (for a long time after his death I convinced myself that he wasn’t dead, that he had gone into hiding through the FBI or something…). When I see him he’s chatting and happy go lucky like he always was. As soon as I open my mouth to scream his name, I loose my voice. Then I start to run towards him and my legs give out and I’m paralyzed, unable to walk. I start dragging myself along on the floor through the crowd towards him, trying everything in my power to get his attention (strangely enough, no one in the crowd notices my struggle). Then I go blind and I can’t see him and I cry and sob laying on the floor, paralyzed, blind and mute while the crowd just wanders around me - I can hear him, I can smell him, I can feel him when he gets near but I can’t get his attention. I have this dream at least every two months or so. Always a different crowd though. Weird.

Sorry - totally off the D-dream topic.

it really does.

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I’ve found a strong correlation between nightmares and low BG. It’s not perfect and I don’t often dream scary but it is something I’ve noticed. I’ve even thought during the dream, “I need to wake up and test.”


I’ve had dreams where I was weight lifting or riding a bike and I would do my sugar checks. Sometimes I dream where I’m not diabetic, and I feel perfect.

I used to dream about girls
I used to dream about cars
I used to dream about grades
I used to dream about jobs
I used to dream about illness
I used to dream about health
and after 42 years I still wake up to check my blood sugar


The worst time was on a weekend. I woke up to take my levemir, accidentally took humalog instead, went back to sleep. I was dreaming about helping people who were dying cross the veil into the other realms. My husband, who was out of town, called and woke me up, thank goodness! I was in the low 30s.

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