Just another reason to hate mornings

My morning numbers are making me insane. And it’s not the right-after-waking-up numbers that are the problem anymore. I think I have that bit figured out, finally. I set a higher basal about 2 hours before typically waking up, and I’ve been awesome on those all week.

However the first instant a carb hits my mouth, all bets are off. All week I’ve had a mere 16 carb breakfast around an hour after I wake up (annoying Synthroid pills–have to wait an hour).

These 16 carbs (Boost Glucose Control nutrition shake, ironically) have been shooting me up to 150-200 all week about an hour and a half / two hours after eating and it doesn’t come back down until after I do a correction bolus. This is after starting anywhere from 70-100 before the meal.

I do not have this problem with any other meal.


I adjusted my insulin/carb ratio down from 1:9 to 1:6 and this showed NO improvement today. I was 168 just a minute ago (95 before meal, 1 hour 50 minutes earlier). Over the week, I’ve also increased my basal rate about an hour and a half before breakfast to near 2 times what it is over night, and .6u/hr higher than the rest of the day starting at 11:30am. This seems ridiculous to me. Next I’m going to try as low as 1:4 insulin/carb ratio for the meal.

The most annoying part is that my body will likely be completely different next week. Every week is astoundingly different from the last for me. It’s weird. But then, maybe not. I’m losing weight, and I know that will cause adjustments in insulin requirements. Also, this week (third week in a row), I haven’t had my morning exercise program because it’s off during the holidays. It finally starts up on Monday. I’ve often had problems with numbers during exercise, and I think now it has more to do with time of day than the exercise itself. sigh

I’m sick to death of this morning crap.

Hey Jaclyn,
I’ve suffered with the same battle. I ended up giving myself a unit as soon as I woke up…Well, first I test. I was unable to fix this with basal adjustments. The one unit helped out a lot. I am more of a nocturnal creature and waking up has always been difficult for me. I think the stress of waking up caused this problem for me. Hope you figure something out. I’m with you on time of the day exercising too. It makes a huge difference for me.

Hi Jaclyn,

I’ve had this happen as well, especially on days when I’m traveling. The BG is fine, when I wake up in the hotel room. But it’s often much higher, by the time I get dressed and go out for breakfast. So I also take a small amount of insulin to offset an increasing BG level. Of course, it’s important to be very careful about this, as the insulin works quickly and just might send the blood sugar in the opposite direction.

A few months ago, I completely changed my usual breakfast. Instead of cereal, I switched to a carb and protein (toast and yogurt). This has helped tremendously in preventing the post-meal BG spike, which I had struggled with for a long time.

Hang in there! All the maintenance and management can be very frustrating at times, but it does get easier.