Just even more blah

Woke up this morning as always. Didn’t have the energy to get up really, and my body was really telling me to call in sick. Never the less, I decided to get up and give work a try. When I sat up in bed to get up, the world really started spinning twice as fast! I was soooooo dizzy! And that dizzyness have lasted all day. Even had to take an extra break at work today, just to sit outside for a while and get some air. Even lost balance once at work this morning. And my fairly newly tried out contact lenses already feels like they’re not strong enough… I had them tried out in may or so. So all in all, not the best of days, and on top of that, it’s MONDAY! Still no test results, but tomorrow morning I’m going to call the clinic!

Crap. Still feeling dizzy… At least I managed to work my 8h today… And did pretty well too…

It is Monday phenomen my dear Jennie.You are like my daughter,both of you are the same on first day of the week.You are young,beautiful and results are not going to change that for you