Just got attached to the Dexcom!

should get my first reading in like 30 minutes!
im soooo excited~


Great. !! Let us know. How are you feeling? Is the being sick part over yet? Can’t have you down Kenny/

AWESOME!! Keep us posted!

My cold is getting alot better!

IT IS SOOO GREAT! I was bowling today and it caugh a low for me! started buzzing like crazy and it read “low” So I went over to my meter to check my bg just to make sure it was working okay and sure enough 63! :smiley: haha I was never so excited about a low in my life!

Kenny thats awesome!!! Amazing how excited we get over new technology!!! How was bowling???

So happy for you, Kenny!!!

aww thanks guys! :D.
Bowling was alright I bowled a 167 =/ not so good but alright! haha

MAN! its gonna be soo hard to give this back next wensday! =[[

congrat’s, I hope you enjoy

Congratulations!!! So did I! Two days ago for my unexplained nightime highs. I’m completely in love with it and am trying to justify the $60 sensors (if my insurance won’t cover it). It’s amazing! It allows me so much more insight into what my blood sugar is doing and where it’s going. Just having it for these few days (on loan from my doctor) has been incredibly helpful! Here’s hoping that insurance companies will be quick to include this device under their neccessary equipment category.

should be soon i would hope as the county and state plans are very slow to accept and pay for that kind of stuff and i just found out today that they are paying for it 100% i was so expecting a denial like all the other times. good luck.