Woot! woot!

I was concerned about my new A1C reading due to the problem I was having with the differences in BG readings. My finger reading was always 20 points higher than on my palm. Went to the doc for my 3 month checkup and woooo hooooo!! My A1C is 5.8%. Down from 6.7%. Highest being 7%. I’m going to keep doing what it is I’m doing because it seems to be working for me.

Strange on what things excite me now that I am a diabetic. Also things that I used to worry about seems so trivial. God and life are good.


Congratulations! Wow, that’s some improvement & know that took a lot of hard work.

Great Job!! I know what you mean about getting excited over these things. I can’t wait to find out my A1C in Septermber. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the replies guys. It’s always great to have encouragement from people who understand!

We’re dancing for you!

Great HbA1c Lana, I know how it feels to get rewarded for your efforts, I got my good HbA1c last month Keep at it.

Fantastic! That’s a great A1c.

Congratulations! And yes, life is good!